Kids Ranqe IRL at the time he played RuneScape.

Kids Ranqe, known in real life as Gatis Lagzdiņš,[1][2][3] was a famous RuneScape pure PKer from the very old Wilderness.


Kids Ranqe's account was made in October 2005, and was known for its maxed combat stats and 1 Defence. He at first simply made the account because his neighbor had an account called Kids Range, and they often PKed with each other. Kids Range is featured in Video 10. In June 2006, Gatis had his account Kids Ranqe banned due to negative membership credit, forcing Gatis to only pay for membership for Kids Range and also later on Soz Owned with PayByCash. He made his first PK video in January 2007 under the YouTube username Sv3rige but he did not post his videos on YouTube but instead posted them on forums. Kids Ranqe later maxed out with 1 Defence and made his 4th PK video.

Around early summer of 2006, Kids Ranqe joined Mayhem Makers, but left around August/September due to an argument with another member that made him get and still is banned on the forums of Mayhem Makers. He then joined Tlp but did not like the clan, so he left shortly after. He then joined Final Ownage Elite which he deemed the "best clan due to the ownage members and pk trips".

In 2007 when Kids Ranqe made his first video, he swore to himself that he would only use music that he liked and not use any music that anyone else would recommend him to use. His first 3 videos were only posted on MM, FOE and Runescapecommunity forums. It was not until after video 3 that he contacted lexmark78 about his videos on YouTube. Kids Ranqe did not like uploading his videos on YouTube as he deemed it the place were "noobs post their pk videos" and that "they are missing out so good stuff + the quality is just crap". After the popularity of his videos started to "boom up" he messaged lexmark78 and said he was going to upload his videos by himself from now on.

Kids Ranqe made 10 pk videos before he was hacked for the first time in May, almost convincing him to quit. Fans stepped up in response, and offered him donations in order to continue PKing and making videos. Gatis later found out that the hacker was actually a former good friend of his. Gatis at first thought that the hacking was made by a keylogger, forcing Gatis to reinstall his entire computer losing many old screenshots of Kids Ranqe.

Kids Ranqe made 2 more successful PK videos before getting hacked again at video 13 by the same hacker in video 10. This time however, he had a bank pin on his account which Gatis refused to tell what it was. The hacker threatened to level his Defence if he did not give out his bank pin. Gatis still did not give out the bank pin, leaving his account with 32 Defence. Kids Ranqe quickly got 45 Defence and made his 14th pk video. After the making of video 14, he got hacked again but this time his bank pin got cracked and he was forced to transfer all his cash and items to Soz Owned. Gatis put together the last clips of Kids Ranqe and made pk video 15. The hacker then "moved into" the account and used it until September when it was hacked again by another hacker. This other hacker dropped the other hackers whip and some "other shit which is kind of funny" according to Gatis in 2008.

Sometime during the 15th video, a friend of Kids Ranqe found a box where he had stored the account details for Kids Ranqe. This was later leaked to the internet and hundreds of people attempted to recover Kid Ranqe's account. The account was later locked by Jagex. Sometime in 2008, Kids Ranqe moved to the United Kingdom and attempted to recover the account, but to no avail. He later clarified that "Kids Ranqe is gone, and there is nothing I can do about it".

Kids Ranqe PK video 6 had over a million views - more than any other video of his and YouTube PKing in 2007.

Today, he no longer plays RuneScape. He played sometime during the PvP system and old Bounty Hunter on his other account, Soz Owned. He permanently quit playing RuneScape in 2011, believing video games are a waste of time. He is however still active on his YouTube account. He is also active on his IRC channel, which the info for can be found on his YouTube videos.

School incident

On October 3, 2006, when he was 16, Kids Ranqe arrived in school late and with two knives. During biology class he injured 3 of his classmates and 1 other schoolmate before running away. He was then caught by the police, interrogated and pleaded guilty, saying he regretted his actions. Kids Ranqe told the police his plan was "to get revenge and then commit suicide".[4][1][5][6]


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