King Rose 4
Total level 2163
Combat level 138
Nationality Belgium
Started playing 2005
Known for Soul Wars calling
Clan Wrath Of Sw

King rose 4, also known as sw fury and formerly OverkilsFury, is a Soul Wars player and caller who also loves PvM.

King Rose 4 is the former owner and founder of the clan Wrath Of Sw. After 1 year, because of controversy in the clan, he became a deputy owner and handed his rank over to Black Rose 4. He defeated Soul Elders and with the aid of Sw Souls also defeated Nex Souls. In November 2012, after the EoC update, a clan called NWO was formed and attempted to destroy and crash every other clan. A clan called ANS (Ancientsouls) is also formed and tries to anti-crash the opposite side. NWO and Soul Elders form an alliance and create a clan called w44 united.

In this period Wrath Of Sw allies with Ancientsouls in order to kill w44 united. On this front were Darius Silve and King Rose 4. Darius Silve orders Wrath Of Sw to use their friends chat. King Rose 4 agrees and starts calling in Ancientsouls. Around February 13th or up to 16th, NWO is defeated. The general of NWO, NWO Sharum decides to quit Soul Wars and stop the crash. In the meantime, before NWO is defeated, there is controversy in the clan because one half of the clan wanted to stay on the side of ANS and one side wanted to stay on the side of NWO. King Rose 4 says that he does not want to split the clan and he will start using the balance portal (green portal) to determine which side they will be using each game. In the meantime a new Soul Wars caller, Emdac, joins the Wrath Of Sw. He was also a friend of the clan before he joined and he was one of the key callers in Sw Souls together with Gazimir and Yt haar. King Rose 4 forms an agreement with Jessica, Black Rose 4, and Emdac to defeat Ancientsouls after some time. As Wrath Of Sw starts crashing Ancientsouls, a few callers join the clan: Sw Swiftor and a few others from his former clan. Sw Swiftor's friends form a key part in the future crashes. 

On May 2nd 2013, King Rose 4, together with Emdac and Jessica ran the most successful crash since the start of ANS. On this date and May 11th, Wrath Of Sw allies with the thelastlegions clan which helped them in these 2 crashes. This was the biggest victory for Wrath Of Sw. After May 2013, many players and callers turn to the side of Ancientsouls and Wrath Of Sw starts concentrating more on PvM.

King Rose 4 explains his new philosophy on how he wishes to play Soul Wars for fun with his friends and not for revenge and conquering. On the other hand one of the owners, Emdac, doesn't agree with that. He decides to start crashing Ancientsouls constantly as he says that he wants his revenge badly.

During mid 2013, every clan is powerless against the organised army of Ancientsouls. In this period, many Soul Wars crashers ask themselves if it is really worth it. Crashing in Soul Wars starts to slowly die but King Rose 4, together with his clanmates (except Emdac) still do not give up. The clan Wrath Of Sw starts reaching a crisis in Soul Wars crashing but the clan size increases during this time. The clan size changed from 170 to 190 over 1 week because of the coordinator: Refarios. On the 7th of July, King Rose 4 gets a PM from Emdac who asks him to derank him and he resigns from his position as deputy owner. Most of the other deputies start quitting the game as well leaving King Rose 4 as the only owner.

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