King Skyline
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Bossing is life
Total level 2755
Combat level 138
Other names D4Best / D4Skyline / PvM Skyline
Nationality British
Achievements 120 Defence
Known for Bossing / PvM
Clan Rising Skyline

King Skyline, formerly known as D4best/D4Skyline/PvM Skyline, first started playing in 2006 as a teenager, and continued to play for 6 months before leaving due to real life issues. He then returned mid 2013 starting as D4Best and this is where his main story started. 

Starting again in 2013

He started the game by joining a clan owned by meddadog who left the game and is currently inactive, so he decided to start his own called Rising Skyline. He is currently working on maxing.

His bossing

He started small by slaying to get 96 Herblore. Once he achieved that goal, he proceeded to solo Bandos every night for 3 hours before he went off, which made him enough money to buy full Torva and Drygore longswords, at the time costing over 300m.

He then used his melee setup to learn to KK and QBD, making enough money to buy his dual ascensions which cost 190m each, and bought a set of full Pernix. He then proceeded to get curses and buy 99 prayer so he could use 95 prayers and Soul Split.

He then learned how to tank Nex, and later to DPS. He had a little friend named Kreljo help him learn some bosses.

He stopped playing in December 2014, but returned in February 2015. Within 2 days of coming back he went to Vorago and got 2 Seismic wands in his first 19 kills, banking him 50% of the cash needed to buy his own Seismic wand.

He went on to learn Araxxor, and got a spider leg within 64 kills which gained him another 150m towards his own Seismic wand.

Around 30/40m off he decided to camp Nex with a few friends daily and made enough money to get his Seismic wand which he later used to gain 120 Defence.

By this time he owned all Nex sets, all t90 dual wield weapons, and sup elite void. To this day he still goes on to make more money to buy placeholders for his gear.

On April 27th, 2015, he achieved his goal of obtaining 120 Defence. The next day decided to try his first Nex solo, and got the kill. He continues to kill Nex solo and partake in clan events. 

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