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KinshraSlave in her signature outfit of full Slave Robes, Spiked ponytail, and Brass Necklace.
Total level 2510
Combat level 135
Nationality American
Started playing Early 2006
Influences Excl, AskChubbyTwilight, Tehnoobshow
Achievements Quest Points: 409
Known for His In-character Ask Blog

Light tanned skin with yellow spiked ponytail.

(Currently known as KinshraSlave The Wikian in game)

KinshraSlave, who in real life is male, started playing in early 2006. He began playing after both seeing the game featured on the G4 Tech tv show 'screen savers' as well as a neighbor recommending the game to him. He did not have his own computer at the time and consequently after creating his account it stayed on Tutorial Island for a few months before he could play again.

Currently his Home World is 103, but often visits 60.

KinshraSlave was nominated for 'The Wikian' title on the 22'd of November 2017 and received the title on November 29'th 2017.

Play Style

KinshraSlave is adamant about playing the game with primarily having fun in mind. He rarely bothers to calculate exp rates or costs and plays with an "I'll get it when I get it" mentality.

He enjoys keeping any item the looks silly or does any unusual animation. To this end he has chosen to keep many quest items after completing the quest associated with them including: Bull Roarer, Broav, Carnillean armour, and the fish that can be worn on the character's head slot.

He despises bots and will go out of his way to PK, Block, or otherwise interfere with the bot's efficiency in any way he can.

He attends many of the in-game J-Mod and P-mod events and aspires to become a P-mod himself someday.


KinshraSlave has volunteered as an in-game actor and voice actor for a hand full of video makers including: FlagArmada Productions, Sir Mikkel, and Will Miss It.


On September 15th, 2014 KinshraSlave started a Tumblr account, Ask-Kinshra-Slave, which follows the fictional story of his character's service to the Kinshra or 'Black Knights'. This is the reason why he changed his account's display name to KinshraSlave as it is now.

He drew inspiration from other Ask Blogs on Tumblr such as the many My Little Pony blogs and other character blogs. As far as he knows he runs the only dedicated fully in-character Runescape blog.

On March 7th, 2015 He posted a thank you post for having 100 followers. Runescape's official Tumblr followed his blog while he was working on the post and was indecently follower number 101.

By the 1 year anniversary of the blog it had 212 followers.


  • Completed Dragon Slayer as FTP at some point before the Constitution update.
  • Completed Hero's Quest at some point before EoC.
  • Achieved 99 Woodcutting on November 20'th, 2012 just hours before EoC went live. He got his 99'th level after saying "I have a good feeling about this tree..." in the north west corner of the G.E then choping down the center tree.
  • Completed Legends quest at some point after 99 Woodcutting.
  • Achieved 99 Mining shortly after sending a donation message to a popular streamer telling him to watch the chat. The streamer congratulated him on stream.
  • Completed Plague's End on March 1st, 2015 thus gaining access to Prifddinas.
  • Achieved 99 Fishing on October 11'th 2015 by getting his last 1 exp filling a fish bowl. He recorded this odd way of getting 99 and it can be seen on his YouTube channel.
  • 99 Smithing September 23'rd, 2016 during a double exp weekend. Achieved 99 via creating a Dragon Square Shield to give to a random player.
  • Earned his 300'th quest point some time after, thus earing the ability to wear the Helm of Trials.
  • 99 Slayer achieved on June 29'th 2017, thus gaining access to the sunken pyramid.
  • Found the Divination pet at 94 divination.
  • 99 Divination achieved on November 8'th 2017 by creating a divine rocktail bubble.
  • 99 Firemaking achieved on November 26'th 2017, via corrupted magic logs in Menaphos.
  • Completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat on the December 15'th 2017.
  • 99 Constitution achieved on May 27'th 2018, on the Pest Control spotlight.
  • Found Fishing pet on May 29'th 2018, at virtual level 100.
  • Completed Sliske's Endgame on November 11'th 2018, and with that obtained the Quest Cape for the first time.
  • 99 Strength achieved on October 11'th 2019, the 99'th level achieved by killing the player 'Use_A_Latex' inside the safe room of the rouge's den.
  • 99 Prayer achieved November 23'd 2019 on a double EXP weekend.

Other variations of Runescape

The following information pertains to this player's Runescape account outside the main game of Runescape 3

Old School Runescape

KinshraSlave (OSRS)
OS KinshraSlave.png
Combat Level 62
Total Level 810
Quest Points 42

KinshraSlave joined Old School Runescape on the day of release, 22 February 2013. His first several weeks were spent PKing people running mind runes as a 5 defense pure mage. He does not play often but does come back from time to time.

KinshraSlave has unlocked the Necromancer spell book from Zeah.

KinshraSlave is no longer a pure mage and has trained into a low-level main.

KinshraSlave completed Dragon Slayer on May 25'th 2018.

Runescape Classic

KinshraSlave (Classic)
Combat Level 55
Total Level 565
Quest Points 50
Home World Classic 4

KinshraSlave joined classic the day it reopened for Runescape's 15 year anniversary on the 11'th of January, 2016. He joined with the goal of starting Tourist trap, and obtaining the same outfit on three versions of the game.

His cash stack went above 100k for the first time on February 21, 2016.

He obtained his 32'd quest point on May 18, 2017 thus gaining access to the Champion's Guild.


KinshraSlave (Darkscape)
Combat Level 53
Total Level 439
KDR 1.14
Quest Points 4

KinshraSlave played Darkscape as a pure ranger, having obtained full Carapace armor in just a few days. He's was an opportunist and PKs people in skilling and quest areas. One of his favorite tricks was to make his own gear on Entrana and camp the boat exit to kill people. He tended to go after people who might have a stack of something, like people collecting feathers, runes or divine energy.

KinshraSlave was one of the players to have accumulated enough time on Darkscape to get the 'Dark's Cape' override on Runescape 3.

Runescape Chronicles

KinshraSlave signed up for the Runescape Cronicles beta and received a beta key on December 19th 2015.

Runescape Idle Adventures

KinshraSlave was one of the players invited to the closed beta of Runescape Idle Adventures.

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