Total level 1922
Combat level 171
Known for YouTube videos

Kkcomics is a RuneScape player known for his comedy machinimas on YouTube about RuneScape and Minecraft. His avatar is an armourless man with long purple hair and a purple mustache. He has also won a golden gnome in the 2010 Runefest for his video: "Breaking the Fourth Wall", which won in the real life category.

One of his most known series is called "Project Justice", which features many other popular Runescape machinima makers, most notably Dartron, Gizzy Gazza, and SkyTheKid.

His real life name is Kyle and he likes to use FireFox as his internet browser on his MacBook. He enjoys random playstyles in Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer.


  • He was only in 6th grade when he started to make videos. His first video is Noob Wars (a Runescape parody of star wars episode 3) which has bad editing causing a ton of dislikes which shows he did not edit  very well. He made another video called Tom Cruise vs George Bush which revealed his voice, due to that he quit. By 2011 he returned to video making now in high school.
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