Kodak09's many outfits which include the Slayer skill cape(t)

Kodak09 is a player that creates videos for his clan, "Zero PvM", updates, and general videos that follow no line of theme. He is a max combat PvMer who is infamous for having one of the worst internet providers in the world, which causes him to flame others if they complain about lag.

One of his attributes is the ability to take a loads of unconstructive criticism from anyone with a smile on his face. This could be a downfall, as he can't take a lot of things seriously.

For his clan he creates monthly drop logs, banners, and general PvM guides, and ways to improve upon anything.

His closest of friends include 'Chuain', 'PvM Nick', 'Frozenraiin', 'xMyLife4Hire', and 'Horse Cooter'. These 6 form the infamous 'Coon Possy', which, in a group, go around RS generally trolling and hitting on girls, dressed in full white robes to symbolize the 'KKK'. 'PvM Nick', recently cleaned from RS doing boxes, who "refuses to leave the duel arena down on money", went from nearly 800M, to 600M, down to 150M, and shows no sign of returning, which leaves the Coon Possy down a member.

Kodak is also known for banning 'Deslayer2000' from the clan chat 'W31 Barr0ws' during the early days, which gave him a general rank, and ultamitely proved to spring the friends chat to life, which for nearly 2.5 years is still going strong, though it has taken a slight decrease in players, is still a visited clan chat everyday. W31 Barr0ws was founded by the player 'Marktonikkle', is considered his favorite friends chat to visit each day if he sits idle, waiting for someone to piss off. The friends chat set off his PvM endeavours as Woox16 began to take fame, and PvMing began to take a rise in profits. Barrows was the very first milestone in his PvM career. In approximately a week he was able to amount to a total of 50M, and in a month, gained nearly a total of 100M total in strictly barrow related equipment. Along with time, memories are made, and as new members are introduced, some odd ones are introduced into the friends chat. Thus, the birth of the fabled one "PvM Zach", who made history when he managed to single handedly get the Coon Possy to group together and hence put forth all of their efforts to rid the world of this evil being, it is unknown whether or not the fabled PvM Zach is still playing to this day, for the Coon Possy has managed to make him quit, but he was spotted again one day, and was tracked for a long time and now we are unsure if he is banned or not, for he cuts off any contact to the world due to the tramatizing events. After the events, the friends chat began to attract more people who retained his traits, and they forced the Coon Possy to bond together.

Social History

  • Kodak09's very first close friends were 'Dagian' and 'Hyroo', which he met approximately 2 months after he started. It is unknown whether or not these 2 players are still apart of the RS community.
  • Kodak09's closest friend was 'Javierzx2' who introduced him to PvM, and guided him through a variety of monsters, such as the Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, and the Dagonnath Kings. He was one of the richest players he knew at the time. This is where he was aspired to make videos of him soloing a variety of monsters, and followed his advice as far as training summoning as frequently as possible, and not wasting money on useless things. It had approximately 1-2B in current items. One of his favorite moments was logging into a high-risk PvP world with full bandos, claws, ags, fury, dragon boots, and a white party hat and no one dared to touch him.
  • After a move from his house, he was out of internet for approximately 3-9 months.
  • Upon his return to RS, he found that the prices on barrows equipment had suddenly sky rocketed due to PvP worlds losing nearly all items upon death, with at one point, Dharok's helm hitting a massive 15M.
  • Once he logged onto W31 and found the clan 'W31 Barr0ws' which he found many players which he could relate too. One of the first few being 'Chuain' and 'Xi Chaotic X' (now known as PvM Nick). After Kodak had begun to max his melee stats, he stopped attending barrows daily.
  • A few months after meeting The Shop, who was now 'Orbital Nut', the relationship began to collapse, due to Orbital Nut botting and admitting to RWTing, which Kodak, was strongly against.
  • One morning Kodak logged on to find that his entire bank was missing with no sign of a hacker having anything to do with it, which leads to the prime suspect Orbital having caused this. The evidence backed by this is found by Chuain, who fortunately took screenshots of Orbital Nut messaging Chuain that "I'm most likely going to be banned because of 3 reasons, I multi logged, botted all night, and rwt'd lul".
  • Shortly after Orbital Nut found reason to give Kodak his stuff back due to a reason Orbital said "You deserve it more then me". Unfortunately, he was unable to get back all of his items, but got back approximately 130M of it, but lost 15M in runes.
  • Approximately a few weeks to a couple months later, Orbital Nut was seen wearing high valued gear, which at the time he was unable to afford due to his complete lack of common sense with the Grand Exchange.
  • After this Kodak met the player 'Frozenraiin', 'xMyLife4Hire' and 'PvP Cade' (now known as Horse Cooter).
  • This marked the beginning of their skype adventures. The infamous Coon Possy would begin to start Skype calls on a day to day basis, exchange screenshots, and attempt to do their best at confusing people.
  • To this day the Coon Possy is still around with a few new members, including 'Feeling Sad' and 'Sand Ngr'.
  • With the loss of 2 members, Pvm Nick and Bungg, the group is down to a size of 7.

PvM History

Kodak09's PvM Chart
Favorite Boss Nex
Most Profited Boss Nex
Least Favorite Boss K'ril Tsutsaroth
Least Profited Boss K'ril Tsutsaroth
Biggest Split Corporeal Beast (95M Elysian)
Smallest Split

Nex (~200 GP Dragon Dagger)

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