Komodo Dude is an average RuneScape player. He started playing in the summer of 2004 and has therefore been playing for about 5 years.He is currently not very famous but is very much liked by his friends. His skills are not as good as they should be, but his whole point of playing the game is for fun and relaxation. Nothing serious. He has been a member for a total of four months, on and off. He is currently in the Clan: Battle For The Sun

He stopped playing for a while because he has some important real life examinations and needs to concentrate on those. After those examinations, he will move away from his parents house and become a member full time. He will then become one of the most powerful characters in the game. His favorite skill is ranging. This is the first skill he would like at 99.

He has a younger brother called: Dashadowhunt, who also started in the summer of 2004. One of his best friends also plays the game and is known throughout RuneScape as the mighty Bats Spat.

Latest update on his skills: (this was took on 02/01/2010)

Rs skills