Korneel's Chathead before the Evolution of Combat Update
Total level 2277
Combat level 126
Nationality Belgian
Started playing 2001
Influences #Belgium
Clan Divine Forces

Reetkoek3, also known as "Stoelgang", AR07, Maandverband, Fal in North and his name, Korneel, is a RuneScape player. He is maxed in Old School RuneScape. His home world is 367, a German server.


Korneel Maandverband, also known by the gamertag Oelewapper, is a professional player of the MMORPG game RuneScape. Korneel also plays League of Legends from time to time, his current division is silver 4 which is still too high for his playmaking.

Stats and goals

Korneel's stats in July 2014

Korneel is maxed in Old School RuneScape with a total level of 2277. It is also his goal to achieve all boss pets and kill the Reign of Terror clan. He will also wants to make sure the Damage Incorporated clan will die so he and his friend Smile4Lumby can be reunited in the Divine Forces clan.[clarification needed]

Clan History

His current and former focus in this game is clans. Back in the day he was a member of Source of Wildy and a member of the Red Devil clan. His current clan is Divine Forces which he has the Senior rank in. He also is a member of Vitality, a Dutch country clan.

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