Krayfishkarl chat head
Krayfishkarl's avatar in 2010
Total level 2170
Combat level 120
Started playing October 2004
Known for Appearance in Postbag 44

Krayfishkarl is a player who started RuneScape in October 2004. He appeared in Postbag from the Hedge #44 having sent a letter to Yk'lagor the Thunderous.[1]. He also worked on a RuneScape-themed Skyrim mod as a level designer for a short time.

Krayfishkarl is a former member of the Future Updates clan, The Scrying Pool, having left due to inactivity. Although he hasn't rejoined the clan, he has since resumed membership since July 2014. He has made over 7,000 posts in the forums, and in-game, he owns both a Quest Cape and a Firemaking Cape.


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