Kww is a RuneScape player. He devotes all his time to slayer getting charms to raise his summoning up. he is a pro dungeoneer attaining a choatic crossbow and maul he is awesome for bosses destroying the corperal beast in mere minutes. he is amazing at hybridding and pking i think he is the best player on RuneScape attaining 100 combat in 3 months he has many achievements he has gotten 99 strength making him able to hit high with a max of 851 he is not just the normal player to mess with. hes an ultimate quester doing the grandmaster quest The void stares back at level 113 and owning the rare fire cape. I think he is an extrodinary player and definitely should be known to as a caring helpful kind person he is a legend and pro pkr helping me do quests monkey madness and desert treasure he is an elite rs player !

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