So my name is Eric and the original rsn is La Hire 44. I’ve played runescape from damn near the start as well as been involved in clamming for nearly just as long. I’ve never done one of these so I guess I’ll just break down the eras I played in and what I was doing/my thoughts were at those times. I'm mainly highlighting on the shit that meant the most to me so if I leave out some shit thats why. Let’s dig in!

Chapter 1: Glad to be Gladz

So in classic I was basically just a glass supporter as I hard friends there so that’s where my loyalty’s were pretty much for all of classic, the Karamja wars and all their glory had me hypnotized with the idea of clanning and I decided I had to be part of it officially so I decided to join and become a full member of gladz. This clan was a roller coaster the epic wars, giant masses with hundreds of clan members, the formation of the alliance, and just the first real since of clan pride. Gladz was a titan and we’d go on to utterly dominate the top 10 killing zf, eoh, and beating everyone in our path except of course damage inc. Once DI became the final challenge left this put a strain on the clan as a lot of people started wanting to focus on other things such as skilling and non wild events. This somewhat alienated the group of people that wanted to hard commit to waring and the clan just kind of stalled out after years of being quite dominant. So a lot of people spread out among the other clans and I personally decided to roll with a guy who at the time had quite a huge reputation for what he was doing with The dynasty.

Chapter 2: A Pkers dream

So after I left gladz stephen22288 and fellow ex gladiator naterian approached me about joining a “super clan” the would a year down the road eventually become vr. It was called the apocalypse and later silent assassins. The clan was actually quite good as the first month open we crushed jagz in an official war. But Stephan did what he would later become known for which was start a clan with potential and go inactive immediately after so the clan shut down. So I was clanless yet again.

Right about now a small up and coming midsized clan caught my eye, Dark Slayers. Some of the gladz homies had made a home here so I joined up and had a blast here. The thing about DS was they were ACTIVE, even early on, if you were a pker this was the place to be. So eventually The Dynasty would close and DS being their ally of sorts would gain ALOT of top tier members and this is where the DS most people know really became a power house that would eventually dethrone DI. Eventually as everyone knows ds beats DI in an official war then later commits to returning against them and were able to beat them at their own game and the rest is history, after about 6 weeks in a row of beating DI the clan kind of got boring for me. It felt like there was just nothing left to do and I wanted to grow my own reputation more so I decided to make my great return to the alliance.

Chapter 3: Return to The Alliance

Now I decided to join a clan that would haunt me for years lol a clan that no matter how much success or how much improvement would be brought to them would eventually be destined to self destruct. Enter ‘the’ clan. My motivations for joining this clan was to one day be the clan to dethrone DS. There was a few like minded individuals here that were down for the cause mainly gslax. I took what I learned from ds and tried to bring a contagious competitive mentality and it actually worked. I pushed hard to get people to train up, come to pk trips and really want to improve.

A warlord position opened up in the futures so I jumped on it and used it as a chance to prove myself worthy for a warlord spot in the main clan. TF had an amazing mentality and strong people at the head with myself, Hscrusader07, and Moombatamer5. TF became one of the most active clans in the game taking on and stomping many main clans quite handily. It got to the point where tf members would try and stop training so they didn’t have to graduate to the main clan.

Then finally 2 warlord spots opened up in ‘the’ and me and future tt official Jayzy would go on to fill those spots. Honestly the clan was thriving the alliance in general was kind of starting to die out but 'the' and to a lesser extent gladz were trying to keep the legacy going. So eventually on gslax birthday we held an alliance pk trip with the sole purpose of fighting DS. In all reality it was 70% ‘the’ 20% gladz 10% jagz/tmrd. Well the fight happened and for a while we actually held our own, we actually had a lot of people finally using teamspeak so we really felt like we were on equal footing for a while but eventually ds would over take us and win the day. This loss was huge for us. I felt like it motivated people into realizing that the gap wasn’t as wide as maybe they thought. I really felt like we were ready to become a staple top 5 clan.

Then it happened. For a while the event leaders and their ilk had felt like they weren’t treated the same as the warring side and they started a shit ton of drama and I tried to ignore it. One day we had some gay snowball fight and me and gslax brought steel arrows to troll and they basically suspended us for it. I was super pissed and ended up out of the clan with a fair amount of like minded people who wanted a clan where our goals would be embraced so I put it out there that I was a free agent of sorts and 2 clans had my interest.

Chapter 4: The Glory days of Corruption

So here it is I’ve made my reputation, I have a group of maxed pkers and now the 2 clans I have to choose from are Corruption and divine forces. Talking to Cors leader Benfica Slb and Head of App Management rad2 (Radclsurfer) I told them I wanted to lead and I wanted to beat DS. They were on a huge upsurge as well as chopa just served his first stint as leader and had cor poised to become a real force in the game. We all came to an agreement and my squad joined Cor and little did I know Tehsaxo, Runites 12, and some others also left ‘the’ to go to DF a little foreshadowing of how former friends would soon become brutal enemies lol.

What can I say, my time in cor was top tier, when I joined we pretty much were ready to challenge the clan world for the top spot which had been a goal of mine for a long time. First though we had to beat the rank 2 clan, Damage Inc. Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of this fight, cor dominated from start to finish this was our statement that we were here and we were coming for ds. The thing is not too long after something that has burned me a lot happened ds closed out of nowhere. So by default we were #1 but it felt hollow. Then we find out that half of ds decided to apply to DF and this was pretty infuriating.

Around this time I became warlord of cor and for the next month and a half or so I would fight df every single chance I got and they would absolutely obliterate us. Finally myself, Radicalsurfu, and Chopa234 went on a recruiting spree we also insured a little side alliance with ni and after this we were done losing to divine forces. We would go on to have a series of fights where every week we would set new records in “longest fight ever” but finally we were pulling ahead, beating them over and over again. With the undisputed #1 came recruits and lots of them cor became an absolute power house.

It got to a point where I believe Legolas86880 tried to embargo us  and not give us fights anymore so me and rad made the decision to go down a road that could easily backfire but if df wasn’t going to fight us willingly then they were going to fight us anyway. They would try to fight vr so we would show up and beat them down 2v1 next week df and eh same thing we’d beat them down 2v1. Eventually this led to the start of the cluster meta and eh vr and df tried to bait us into a 3v1 but what they didn’t count on was that DI would show up and support Cor. Clan after clan would join df’s side but it was futile CoR DI NI and ROT could easily take on anyone and everyone who would show up. Cor would literally run the wilderness until jagex made the worst mistake to this day: removal of the wilderness.

The wild being gone really hurt Cor. A lot of drama would sprout up here and a split would occur between Chopa and current leader Tom (Demonchild). I loved Tom as a person, he really did have a lot of positives but one thing I feel really hurt him and led to a few bad decisions was his timezone. Durring the day shit would happen. Things were starting to go wrong, we were starting to lose #1 and Tom would come on at night and basically have to listen to 2 seperate stories of why we were failing. Long story short this led to Tom Kicking Chopa and Rad leaving, these two were my greatest friends at this time, I felt like the three of us were always on the same page from the very start, al lthe ups and downs wed go through, we always had eachothers back. So after this I made the decision to leave aswell, something I really did regret to be honest, I loved cor, and it would be a very long time until I'd find anything like it again.

Chapter 5: Well Fuck

Welp, not much to say here, my old friend Viper1500 left VR to make a new clan, Final Resistance. Honestly, this clan would have in my opinion, been a serious threat to the top 5 had multi BH remained in the game. For the few weeks of multi BH we had, we had incredible pulls, great victories and what looked like a more gritty version of VR atmosphere wise. Then Jagex removed multi BH and clans only option for fights was knock out CWA classic arena fights.

Imagine, your a BRAND NEW up and coming clan and then you're forced into knock out only fights before you ever get a chance to build chemistry and really get the ball rolling, this was a kill shot for FR. FR would eventually close and I would take my first real break from the game.

Chapter 6: The return to the return to The Alliance

After a year or so break an old friend from 'the' reached out to me, Iceman520. He got me back into the game and convinced me to give 'the' another shot. I immediately fell in love with the clan again and help Icey and co motivate people into being something more then just a has been clan hanging on by life support. Our first fight when we were ready to come back to the pk scene we pulled 69 options nd won by the seat of our pants, We would go on to win 20 fights in a row and pulling 300+ ops on the regular. Everything was working, the community thrived, we were active in both p2p and f2p, we had an all time upsurge and felt nearly invincible. We'd go on to take down TR in their peak followed by Exodus who was in the middle of their meteoric rise. Nothing could go wrong right? Sadly, yet again this clan was plagued by jealous, horrendous leadership in the upper ranks. Enzock, Xaqza, and Adrian decided in the peak of their jelousy to Kick me from the clan for disagreeing with their retarded ideals of what a clan should be. Naturally this was a death blow for 'the' as almsot all of their core members would go on to leave and they would never recover. Whats sad is Enzock would go on to be leader of corruption and also kill that clan as well.

Chapter 7: Meh

So I'll just clump up Exo and NI here as I feel like at this point I was just mentally drained. I'd take some homies to join Exodus, wed do great for a while, then Dark Invoker who outside this one decision I genuinely feel was a great leader would mass accept Syndicate members which gave us a fake power boost and most of them would eventually all leave making the clan suffer.

I then had an offer from Parko and Saddam to make a more modern Noobs Inc, one that used teamspeak and forums, organized chaos if you will. This actually went much better then I imagined at first, we pulled max ops a few times 300+ on the regular for the first couple months, then it happened, shell booters would be brought to runescape. A lot of the people in Ni im sure you can imagine would grab these and just ddos the shit out of each other for literally no reason other then a minor argument, I wasnt here for this and I dipped out. I'd go on to fuck around with exo a bit more until they closed but I was done with RS heavy for a while.

Chapter 8: Yay home

Ahh yes, EoS. Now this clan was something special, and if you werent part of EoS you really wouldn't understand. Runescape had pretty much nothing to do with EoS. At any point in the 5 years I had here if Runescape was deleted, nothing in EoS would have changed. This was a true community, weather it was AoE2, SWTOR, Minecraft, CS, whatever, there was always something to do and plenty of people to do it with. I loved it here, was here til the final time it closed.

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