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Larryr's Runecrafting business was expansive and well designed. Many of the members were recruited through posts made on forums, were required to go through training, as well as go through the rules. Other members were recruited in the game by Recruiters. Larryr paid everyone with GP, and provided all essence for runners. All jobs were promotions from within, working their way up from being runners.


There were many jobs, such as:

Job Description
Runner A Runner's job was to take 10,525 GP and 25 noted essence and unnote the essence somehow (either by banking at the Shilo Village bank, using glory amulets and the gnome gliders, or by selling their essence to a general store and buying it back) and return to the line to trade the unnoted essence to a collector for more noted essence and money.
Collector A Collector's job was to collect the 25 unnoted essence from the runners and pay them with 10525 GP and 25 noted essence, then deliver the essence to Larryr.
Recruiter A Recruiter's job was to travel across the worlds of RuneScape advertising a good way to make money, and then telling those who were interested in finding out more information about the business and what their job would be to come with them to a training session. Recruiters hired Runners.
Security The Security's job was to make sure there were no line jumpers and made sure only people from the business were buying the essence from the general store. If problems arose, Security would look for a new world and then once one was found they would PM other members of the business and tell them to switch to another world, and tell them to turn private chat off so that people could not find them.
Trainer The Trainer's job was to train runners. They would explain how much essence and how much money they would be getting, explain that they were to unnote it and then come wait in line to trade with a collector. They told the runners that if they wanted to work for larryr, they would need to follow the general rules of no cutting in line, be kind, no flaming or harassing etc. and follow all RuneScape rules.
Managers The Manager's job was to make sure everything stayed organized and ran smoothly. They would tell the other workers what jobs to do and what was needed the most. They would ask a member of the security team to find the world if one was needed, they would decide if more people were needed to collect and if so how many. They would also make the ultimate decisions on if someone was allowed or not allowed to work for Larryr anymore. If someone caused problems the managers would fire the person. Some of the managers would buy essence or sell natures when the CEO was not around to do so.
CEO The CEO of the company sold most of the Nature Runes that Larryr made. They also bought most of the essence Larryr used to craft natures with. They made threads in the Runes Forum to do both of these as well as buying the essence by going to many Free to Play (f2p) and Pay to Play (p2p) worlds and typing the offer in public chat in the bank.

The CEO, Managers, Managers in Training, Trainers, Security, Recruiters, and Collectors were all paid exactly 100 K per hour. Larryr would keep track of who started working and the time they started each day. When someone was ready to stop working for the day, Larryr would do the math on how many hours and minutes that person worked. The runners on a good day could actually make more than the collectors at 10,525 GP per trade, if they used a bank to unnote the essence instead of selling it and buying it back.

The purpose of giving away money was to help low levels gain money until they were a high enough level to gain money themselves.

Larryr (the one with the Dragon armour) with other members of the business.

Larryr's profit from the business

Larryr did not gain a huge profit for herself with the business. She spent some of the money that would have been her own profit buying white partyhats for the managers to wear so that the rest of the crew would know who they were. She often lost money because people would steal the essence from the general store and craft their own runes with it, or take the initial 10,525 GP and 25 noted ess and bank it and never come back; she would not make a profit off of that. She was also paying between 7 and 15 people 100 K per hour each night to do all of the jobs listed above that did not involve bringing in unnoted essence to make natures to sell.


Once a week everyone except the runners met for a meeting to discuss how things were going; problems that occurred; promotions; how to manage things more effectively, and rules, among other things. In the earlier years of the business Larryr crafted for 12–14 hours almost every day, then later cut it down to between 8 and 10 hours a day until 2006.

After work sometimes the managers would hold events, sometimes Larryr would stay and participate in these events. It was a way to get to know the crew better, and give them a chance to get to know who they worked for. These events were either helping with quests so that the runners did not have to use the general store, or things like Agility in Brimhaven, Fishing in Catherby, Trawler, and various other things.

Many fun events and drop parties were held on a semi regular basis as well. Larryr would commonly say, “I give you this gift in hopes that someday you will give a complete stranger a gift to pass on that inspiration.” When she gave items away or held drop party events for runners. There was even a favorite story time where the runners would often stop running to hear a story (the rest of the team would either listen to these stories or just chat with one another).


People who wanted to join Larryr's business had to go through a training session that was usually around twenty to thirty minutes long, as well as go through a pre-interview and get an introduction to the crew.


Applicants would go through a pre-interview if they had not already gone through one before. In the interview, the trainer would ask the applicant questions, such as how they found out about the business, and if they had been or are currently running for a crafter.

Training session

The training session differs depending on the job the applicant applied for. If the applicant applied to be a runner, for example, they be told what the runners job was, and they would go through some basic rules, such as not to cut in line. The Trainer would then take the applicant after the training session and introduce them to the crew so they get to know them better.

Record Keeping

The Trainer would normally PM the Managers that were online and Larryr the name, age and date the applicant was hired, as well as the job they were hired in afterwards. This information was recorded by hand on paper for a few years, and was eventually transferred to an online database.

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