Lifestopper9 began playing around March 2007, if he remembers correctly. He initially started because of his friends who were always talking about the game.

Early life

Lifestopper9 first began playing on an account named "Lifestopper7" which he shared with his older brother. The account hadn't made it to level 8 when he fell for an obvious password scam. After this, his brother and himself made separate accounts: Lifestopper9 and Lifestopper6. Another hack took place somewhere in late 2008. When the account was recovered, he had at least 50 in all combat stats. Over the summer break, Lifestopper9 had gotten his first taste of members in 2008. Later, Lifestopper9 had once again achieved members. The name-change update had just come out, so he had changed his name to "Pamerion", and at this time he had a combat level of 70.

The age of Pogi and Rey

Pamerion had changed his name to Abyssal Pogi in 2010. In early-to-mid-2010 he had completely (or not so) quit Runescape and enjoyed talking trash about it at school (the truth was, he was just jealous).

In mid-2010 he met 2 new best friends. One was Rey 09876543 (or Rey0987654321, something like that) and they had become the best of friends. Then he met Guthans Pro, someone, who, like his name, sported full Guthan's.

Together they did several activities... Dungeoneered (Pogi got it to level 47), killed the KBD, killed green dragons. At this point, Pogi also made an account, xxr4ngekoxx, to be his pure.

In August, school had just started, and Pogi was back on top. He gave his pure to a friend who was new to Runescape, and started skilling. He completed Barcrawl in hopes of completing Horror From The Deep. He needed 35 agility, though, so he went to Gnome Agility Course. He trained hardcore for 30 minutes, trying to make friendly conversation, until he realized the majority were bots. He became enraged at the fact that they could just sit back and relax without having to legitly train while he broke his fingers. At this point, he downloaded his first bot.

The Ban

Pogi had achieved 32 agility, but his membership was a day from finishing. He botted his strength at Neitiznot Yaks overnight.

After he had run out of membership, Pogi had started to bot his woodcutting. He got it to 73. He left his bot on and went out to have fun, only to come back and find his account banned. This occurred on September 18, 2010 (or September 23).

Luckily, he had been botting another account, which, soon after grieving for months over his loss of 3 year's work, he had gotten to 83 combat and 900 total level in 7 months of botting after vowing to never stop cheating. He started bug abusing and developing bots.

He then bought a new account and leveled it greatly. As of 3/20/2011, it has 1211 total level with 87 combat.

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