Lightning PKing before the Wilderness was added, early 2001.

Lightning was once ranked #1 in RuneScape, Lightning's time as number 1 was during the very early stages of RSC; she was the first to achieve 500, 600, 700 and 800 total levels. She is also known to be the first true #1 in RS due to the fact that she was the first person to hold #1 for a long period of time, however, sometime in mid-2001 Lightning was passed by Tiwi and never regained #1 after that.

As of 27th February 2011 she is ranked at 44,640. She stopped playing RuneScape on 26th February 2010. She is the first player moderator in RuneScape,[citation needed] and 2nd player to sign into RuneScape, after Rab.

When she registered, usernames were case sensitive, and hers was all-caps: LIGHTNING. It was later changed so that all usernames began with a capital letter and were otherwise lowercase, i.e. "Lightning".

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