Liked taking bets outside the Varrock west bank, June 2011
Other names Jakob
Achievements 200m Smithing, 120 Dungeoneering
Known for Dicing FC owner

Liked was one of the few legit hosts in all of RuneScape. He was the creator of all gambling with dicing[citation needed] however he got bored of it and went for 200M Smithing to make the top highscores page. Liked sometimes logs on every now and then but he is "bored of runescape". People frequently join his friends chat to talk and sometimes a useless non advertising drop party is held by some of his friends (E.g. Ajihat, Try a puppy, Elysian Baws, Al Smo) to keep his spirit alive.

Liked also ran a Youtube Channel to showcase his friends chat and gambling.[1]


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