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|knownfor = First to achieve 99 Prayer
|knownfor = First to achieve 99 Prayer
|start =
|start =
|total = 2625
|total = 2628

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Total level 2628
Combat level 138
Known for First to achieve 99 Prayer

Lilyuffie88 is a player in RuneScape. For many years she held the #1 ranking in constitution, prayer, and ranged, but she seemed to fall off the radar by 2006 - 2007. She was the first to achieve level 99 in prayer although a few players such as Gearshifter beat her to 93 prayer and 123 combat. She stopped playing for a while, only recently starting again, and has maxed out all of her levels. She was the third to reach 123 Combat and was one of the original 5 players to be converted to 126 combat upon the release for RS2.


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