Total level 1538
Combat level 128
Other names Dr Venusaur
Nationality Australian
Started playing 2007
Clan Fires Followers

Lirenchious (also known as Dr Venusaur) is a RuneScape player and is currently leveling up Fishing to 99. He is a member administrator of the clan "Fires Followers". He can be found on worlds 6 or 71 at the River west of the Fishing Guild until he achieves 99 Fishing, which could be never.

He started playing RuneScape around March 2007, and made multiple accounts until he found out that there was more to the game than mining copper. He only realized you could change attack styles after reaching a Combat level of 21 by only leveling Attack. He spent most of his afternoons in the upstairs of the Blue Moon Inn with school friends. His journey was long and he met many friends along the way.

He made the account, Lirenchious, under the name of "Pants Man" in January of 2012, and achieved his first 99, Fletching, on the 23rd of September, 2012. With the help of Prismatic Pendants and Fishing Urns he achieved 90 Fishing on the 6th of January, 2012. This allowed him access to Player-owned Ports.

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