Most noticed gear used by lm Low Range while pking in P2P.

lm Low Range is a RuneScape American free-to-play player, who is a Range and Mage hybrid pure who is known for pking both F2P and P2P. He started playing in 2006, originally being a range pure in 6 months he achieved 99 range with 84 hps and 1 attack, strength, defense, prayer and magic. He was well known for refusing to use anything other than short-bows. In 2009 he decided to get 95 magic, attempting to become a hybrid pure, he accomplished this having many run ins with Kids Ranqe. He is known for pking in semi-high risk items and never running from a fight. as of July 24th of 2011, he has a kill / death ratio of 13,221 to 3,212. He's often seen pking at rune rocks, mage bank and level 13 castle.

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