Logdotzip in real life.[citation needed]
Total level 2,496
Combat level 138
Other names Tyler Pappas, Tyler the Creator.
Known for YouTube Videos, Climbing boots scandal, East V West coast hacking beef.

Logdotzip is a player who has played since March of 2001, known for his Youtube videos, specifically the ones both involving the Second RuneScape Machinima Competition, and for the Climbing Boots scandal. He is referred to endearingly as the "Climbing Boots Guy".

During the events involving the change to Climbing Boots, enraged players spammed his name on the official forums, and got forum banned, and in-game, getting muted. Unfortunetly he quit along with other youtubers such as Gizzy14Gazza, Excl, SkytheKid (returned in 2014), KKComics etc to Minecraft a related game.

Logdotzip also joined the Dicing Clan "Dragon Dyce" and aquired the in-game name "NU" we do not know the exact date of joining only that he completed all of their YouTube videos until gambling was removed by JaGeX and became a bannable offence.

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