Lokia Dragon
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Lokia Dragon current avatar
Started playing 2004
Ended playing 2013
Clan Incurosine

Lokia Dragon was a RuneScape player who started playing in 2004. He was member of the clan "Incurosine"

Around 2004, the game known as Runescape was introduced to Lokia from his older brother. Interested to find out more, Lokia started his own account and quickly began to understand and advance in the game himself. The original name of the account will not be given for security purposes. Other names Lokia Dragon have been known by are Altiora, Qgc, Baked Potato, Igetn99wc, J J762, Moonlit Sea, and even Meteorx12 at one point in time; as a joke he took the name when it was available after the real Meteorx12 changed.Though his main name will forever be Lokia Dragon no matter what it is changed to. He actually was not the guy who thought of the name, instead, he played a person on Xbox 360 with the name and loved it so much that he took ownership to it on Runescape, and for many other accounts aswell. And yet it is weird to say that none of this had existed at this time since Runescape never appealed to him and it was no priority in his life.

That same feeling went on for about 3 years until (about 2007) he began his coalation with a guy known as the character Meteorx12 on Runescape and in real life. This friendship marks the true beginning of Lokia Dragon's Runescape carreer. Something about this friendship made both of them 10x more interested in the game, and is still unknown today. Whether it was to compete with one another, or grow and help eachother along the way, both Meteorx12 and Lokia Dragon became 2 full blown addicts to the game of Runescape. Hours upon hours each day we're spent clicking and typing while both of them spoke on the phone. At this time, Lokia Dragon was now a member, made his first million gp, and was on his way to begin achieving 99's. Though, Meteorx12 had been a step ahead of Lokia at many points in time, that including getting a 99 first.

February 27th, 2010 was the day that Meteorx12 achieved 99 fishing. Less than one month behind, Lokia achieved 99 woodcutting on March 13, 2010 and they both had surpassed the combat level of 100 easily. Both of them liked the feeling of getting 99(s), and later in the game it became their main priority. "There's nothing like getting a 99." - Meteorx12. Though, while Lokia moved on in the game, Meteorx12 continued to complete more quests as he quenched for the rewards they gave him. Not long after Lokia's 99, Meteorx12 received the quest cape and lost it for no more than a day after new quests came out. Lokia seemed as though he was falling behind, and moreso when Meteorx12 trimmed his skillcape of fishing with 99 woodcutting on May 17, 2010. Meteorx12 was now showing much more strength in the game as his combat, skilling, and wealth stats all grew rapidly within such short time. Yet, Lokia stayed at a low key and was only knocking out easier skills, building himself to endure the harder ones.

One aspect Lokia proved to show was his strength at minigames and endurance overall. Minigames only add small help and bonuses to skills and such but Lokia built up many to create a big difference in his gameplay, and he was very good at these minigames which increased the reward size. Such a statement can be proven in his stealing creation skills where he would gain thousands of points and had an easy time doing so to make skilling easier. Even if it took the same amount of time to get to the same destination as someone without points, getting there seemed more endurable to him and therefore he could play for longer amounts of time and feel as if he accomplished more.

So at this point in time, both Meteorx12 and Lokia Dragon had levelled their skills pretty evenly and began to fill their banks with many more capes of achievement. Meteorx12's documented information has not been added yet, but Lokia's order went Woodcutting, Cooking, Fletching, Thieving, Strength, Constitution, and Magic. As said before, he went from easy and progressed his way to harder tasks and will be getting the Defence skillcape around 9/31/12 making his combat 129. He still is playing strong on world 99 if you'd like to add him or find him. His clan is Incurosine, previously known as Frostbyte, and is owned by Subzero.

As for Meteorx12, his fire of strength burned for many months building up hundreds of mils and 137 combat, but has now dimmed down to a small candle as he sits on the verge of quitting for good. Sometimes he will play for short periods of time such as a week, but nothing seems to last and the last stab from Jagex will probably be the Evolution of Combat. Agreeing with Zezima's quote that Runescape is "getting progressively easier over time" and all of his accomplishments are not of the same respect they used to be, Meteorx12 began his dislike towards Jagex. Not to mention the Wildy and Free Trade update, but that disaster effected everyone negatively, not only him. So as Runescape went on, things like the armour upgrade, new silly quests, the squeal of fortune and many other tedious updates were too much and now he can barely stand the game because of those reasons.

It is weird seing the progression of one's Runescape account, and what Runscape has become today and it will be interesting to see what their next move is. Whether it's a new skill, or making a hard skill easier, there's really nothing Jagex can do to return to the game they used to have, which is always how it will be remembered from both of these player's standpoints. The End.

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