Total level 2329 (Loudas), 291 (L2Play)
Combat level 132 (Loudas), 26 (L2Play)
Other names Lethal Draw, L2Play (Ironman)
Nationality Swedish
Started playing May/June 2007
Influences Suomi, Zezima
Achievements 50m+ Fletching XP, 6 99's (Fletching, WC, FM, Cooking, Magic, Mining)
Known for 50m+ Fletching XP (Under rank 1200)
Clan None

Loudas started playing RuneScape after seeing many play it on the school computers in 2007. His brother also started playing about in the same time. He has had many accounts but created Loudas in September 2011 and has played on it ever since. He got membership for the first time at Christmas the same year. He quit after the release of EoC but did return a few months later and currently is an active player.

His name is not pronounced "Loud-as" as many has mistaken it. It's actually pronounced "Low-das". The outfit that he wears almost all the time (outside combat) consists of Queen's Guard Hat, Silken Top, Silken Trousers, Diviner's Gloves and Boots, Pendant of Crafting and Woodcutting Cape (t). The Queen's Guard hat is discontinued and he still owns the items of the Silken outfit which also is discontinued.

Loudas's first 99 was Woodcutting which he got by only cutting willows in late 2011/early 2012. Then he got 99 Fletching, Firemaking, Cooking, Magic and Mining in order. 

He quit RS3 in April 2015 and took a break and came back to RuneScape in late May. He then started playing Old School but did return to RS3 in August with a new Ironman account L2Play. He has no plans on returning to Loudas as he wants a challenge from the game.

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