Lover Romeo
Lover Romeo.png
Total level 2103
Combat level 160
Other names Islam Peace
Known for First to 200M XP in Agility and Mining

Lover Romeo was the first player to 200M XP in both Agility and Mining, which he both achieved on 14 February, 2009. He has reached level 99 Fishing, Runecrafting, Agility, Mining, Cooking & Hunter. He was the first person to reach 200M XP in two previously unmaxed skills. The second person to achieve this was Drumgun. Lover Romeo has a Combat level of 91. He is a player moderator. His current display name is Islam Peace. Previously he was usually found playing in world 25.

Lover Romeo has lost his rank 1 in Agility and Mining due to being inactive.

Lover Romeo & going for Rank 1 Mining

Lover Romeo & Mining Granite Rank 15

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