Loyal's adventure log

Loyal is a former Runescape player who was ranked 113 on the highscores. He was best known for a video of him on Suomi's youtube channel. In the video he scams a player named Shawnx for 3b, full torva, and a white p hat.

Recently, he was banned for botting. His name no longer shows up on the highscores.

Prior to being banned, Loyal had been spending his time in world 100, cooking and firemaking there. At this point in time it looks as if he was going for 200m firemaking. .

He had 200m xp in Ranged, Magic, Constitution, and Construction. He was in a clan called Getmoneyboyz.yboyz.

He also had green skin and owned a yellow party hat. He was often seen playing as a female character.

His real name is Tony.

He now plays Runescape under the name Ifell Over and is also a leader of Team Kenny.


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