Combat level 137
Started playing May 2001
Known for First to 99 in Crafting

Ltangel is the first player to achieve level 99 Crafting. She started playing RuneScape after a couple friends from another game told her about it.

RuneScape career

Ltangel started playing in May 2001 after the game Cash Wars shut down, and a couple of friends from the game told her about RuneScape. She was hesitant to sign up as the one game shut down, and she did not want to get addicted to another online game, but she eventually did join. She achieved level 80 Crafting a few weeks after the dragonstone ammy came out on 27 February 2002.[1]

On 30 March 2003, she became the first person to achieve level 99 in Crafting; her main methods of getting the 99, in the past, were making holy symbols and providing free Crafting sessions for players. She canceled the sessions once the Assist System came into place. In a 2008 interview, she stated Crafting was fun because there are a variety of ways to work on it.[1]

As of 7 August 2011, she has an overall level of 2,370, and sixteen level 99 skills. She has 95,736,694 experience in Crafting, and is ranked 39th in the skill.[2]



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