Lv 100 Hax
Total level RuneScape: 2125
Old School RuneScape: 1121
Known for Being the first player to achieve level 99 Ranged in Old School RuneScape
Clan Mayhem Makers

Lv 100 Hax was formerly the highest ranked player in Ranged and Hitpoints in Old School RuneScape. On 7 March 2013, he became the first player to achieve level 99 Ranged in the game. Lv 100 Hax was one of the two players to win the "Tripwire Ninja" challenge by RuneSharkVideos.

RuneScape career

On 31 October 2012, the YouTube channel "RuneSharkVideos" released a "Tripwire Ninja" challenge which involved starting a timepiece at the Catherby dock, travelling to Port Tyras, then running to Lletya to buy something from one of their shops. Competitors subsequently had to run back and stop the timepiece. Lv 100 Hax and the player Vinyl won the challenge with the time of three minutes and three seconds.[1]

Lv 100 Hax started playing Old School RuneScape soon after it was released. He states that immediately after completing the tutorial in the game, he went to the Stronghold of Security to get the 10000 gold pieces (GP) reward. With the GP, he went and bought 2000 bronze arrows and some Ranged gear. With this gear, he trained on chickens, Khazard troopers, hill giants, and fire giants. On the second day of training, he trained on green dragons and alched the green dragonhides he obtained from them to gain GP. After one week, he managed to buy enough red chinchompas and grey chinchompas for 99 Ranged.[2] On 7 March 2013, he became the first player to obtain level 99 Ranged in the game. This was also the first level 99 attained in a combat skill.

As of 17 May 2013, Lv 100 Hax has a total level of 1121 in Old School RuneScape. He has three level 99 skills in the game: Ranged, Magic and Strength.[3] In RuneScape, he has a total level of 2125, with 11 level 99 skills as of 17 May 2013.[4]


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