Total level 1683
Combat level 175
Other names Portal Guns
Nationality British
Started playing August 10th 2010
Influences S U O M I, A Friend, Will Miss It
Known for Social skills and sense of humor
Clan We are uk 1

Lyathon is a British RuneScape player. Lyathon (aka Portal Guns) started the game in late 2010, he has a combat level of 175 and has one level 99 skill (Fletching). He has a total level of 1683.

General info

Lyathon is a good friend of: Kettleshark, Hassann, Eternal Hugs and Will Miss It. His rolemodels were famous youtube rs video makers, A friend and Will Miss it, but also the first player to reach 5billion XP Suomi. He was most excited though when he got his first Rune Scimitar back in 2010, but even more after achieving his first and only 99 so far Fletching on April 13th 2013 at 8:10 pm. Lyathon achieved 100m coins cash stack in around March 2013.

Lyathon prefers to do fletching and the General Graador boss together with his friend Kettleshark on RuneScape mostly.

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