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Lynx Titan
Lynx Titan right click.png
Total level 2277
Combat level 126
Other names Forsberg888 (RS3)
Achievements 200 million XP in all skills
Known for Being rank 1 in Old School RuneScape

Lynx Titan (known as Forsberg888 on RuneScape 3) is an Old School RuneScape player whose account is permanently rank #1 on the Old School RuneScape Hiscores, unless a new skill were to be released. It is estimated he plays for 17-18 hours a day. He claims to play primarily for entertainment despite his highly pragmatic approach to training and the fact that he presumably forgoes many real-life activities in order to play for as many hours as he does.

Lynx Titan was the first player to reach 200M XP in all 23 skills on December 28, 2018.

Old School history

On August 14, 2015, the reign of Lynx Titan began, as he achieved 99 Ranged and thereby ascended to rank 1 overall.

After achieving 200 million Hunter experience in less than 2 and a half months for his 5th 200M (improving the monthly record by over 30 million experience), he switched to Herblore. After achieving 200M Herblore XP, he started to train Slayer. He achieved 200M Slayer on May 10, 2016 and also finished off most of the ćombat skills. He also gained 187 million Construction XP in less than 2 weeks to finish off 200M Construction.

Notably, from the period of July 19, 2017 to August 1, 2017, he had not gained a single experience point; since Lynx Titan had played Old School RuneScape every single day while gaining massive amounts of experience, this is highly unusual. Upon returning to the game, he revealed that he had been on vacation without internet access for two weeks.[1]



Skills with 200M XP

Completion date
1 Crafting-icon.png Crafting January 28, 2015
2 Smithing-icon.png Smithing March 20, 2015
3 Thieving-icon.png Thieving May 13, 2015
4 Fletching-icon.png Fletching May 17, 2015
5 Hunter-icon.png Hunter August 6, 2015
6 Herblore-icon.png Herblore October 25, 2015
7 Slayer-icon.png Slayer May 10, 2016
8 Construction-icon.png Construction May 26, 2016
9 Ranged-icon.png Ranged June 10, 2016
10 Attack-icon.png Attack June 15, 2016
11 Hitpoints-icon.png Hitpoints June 18, 2016
12 Defence-icon.png Defence June 22, 2016
13 Cooking-icon.png Cooking August 17, 2016
14 Strength-icon.png Strength November 12, 2016
15 Fishing-icon.png Fishing November 13, 2016
16 Firemaking-icon.png Firemaking March 2, 2017
17 Woodcutting-icon.png Woodcutting March 2, 2017
18 Prayer-icon.png Prayer March 27, 2017
19 Farming-icon.png Farming August 9, 2017
20 Runecrafting-icon.png Runecrafting February 10, 2018
21 Magic November 5, 2018
22 Agility December 2, 2018
23 Mining December 28, 2018


Lynx Titan/Forsberg888 is arguably the best and one of most efficient RuneScape players ever, even outlasting Drumgun for daily playtime. There are a lot of opinions about him, and other high profile players have made their thoughts known.

nobody can compete with him, he's insane. Even if I had unlimited time it would be impossible since he plays 18 hours every single day....he's a machine.

Hey Jase, Reddit[2]

The former #1 Old School RuneScape player, Sick Nerd, did not approve of Lynx Titan's style of playing and holds a grudge against him. It is widely assumed that Sick Nerd ultimately quit competing for 200M all skills because Lynx Titan was gaining too much XP. Sick Nerd then gave up and changed his name to "Team Titan".

I'm not competing with him, I'd rather not use alts/afk nmz at night just to have a chance at keeping up, I'd rather play the way I enjoy :)

Sick Nerd, YouTube[3]


He is widely known for playing on more than one account at the same time; a strategy colloquially referred to as "multilogging." When he does this, he is typically training his main while crafting nature runes on a secondary account.

He has a YouTube account called Forsberg1000 where he posts update style videos infrequently.[4]

During Runefest 2015, he was awarded a Golden Gnome for "Hall of Fame" achievement. He showed the Gnome to his viewers in his RuneScape setup video on YouTube. The Golden Gnome Awards is an annual competition that recognizes members of the RuneScape community.

RuneScape 3

Lynx Titan's RuneScape 3 account is called Forsberg888. He was the second player to get 5.2 billion experience and the third to get 200M XP in all skills after Suomi and Drumgun. He was mainly known for getting over 2.5 billion XP in one year. At the time, he used his Old School RuneScape account "Lynx Titan" as a money making alt doing Runecrafting. He gained about 50M Runecrafting XP doing so. After the new skill "Invention" was released on RuneScape 3, he didn't bother to train it and instead decided to focus on Old School RuneScape.


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