M1 11 is a Clan Wars regular and the leader of M V P Clan which is a well-known Clan Wars clan consisting of mostly Clan Wars regulars. He is well known among attendees of Clan Wars and often hosts playoffs against other big names such as Mamoe , Furious Swag , Shadow Light, Warriorz  and others. He has been at Clan Wars since 2010 hosting wars and playoffs under his own FC. 

He is the leader of M V P, a 110+ clan which consists of mostly of Clan Wars regulars and PvP fighters. M V P was started in 2013 which brought many of the clan wars regulars together. As of September 2014, the clan has around 90 members in the clan. They are one of the best clans to join for Clan Wars finatics. 

Personality wise, he is described as being nice and generous. He will often lend his friends some of his armor if they don't have any. For instance, he lended one of his friends some barrows armor when he didn't have any for a P2P playoffs. 

Recently, he got his maxed cape. He is now reportedly working on his secondary account m2 22 who is around level 105. 

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