Total level 2497
Combat level 113
Nationality American
Started playing 2003
Achievements Maxed 1 Defence pure
Known for Youtube videos
Clan The Tavern

M1ni is a RuneScape player known for being a legit maxed 1 Defence pure[1], and for his many PvM achievements.


M1ni has gotten many achievements as a pure, some of them being:

  • First 1 Defence pure to reach 120 Dungeoneering on August 20th 2011.[2]
  • Third 1 Defence pure to completely max on August 31st 2012, after 13th r4nger and Videl.[3]
  • First 1 Defence pure to defeat the Fight Kiln and get a Tokhaar-Kal on February 16th 2012.[4]
  • First 1 Defence pure to duo Nex pre-EoC (Evolution of Combat) on July 12th 2012.[5]
  • First 1 Defence pure to kill Kalphite King before and after buff.[6][7]
  • First 1 Defence pure to kill Vorago on September 22nd 2013.[8]
  • First 1 Defence pure to kill Araxxor on July 29th 2014.[9]
  • First 1 Defence pure and one of the first ten in the entire game to unlock the "Final Boss" title on September 8th 2014.[10]
  • Soloed Kalphite King with 1 defence on May 14th 2015. [11]
  • Defeated Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru with 1 defence. [12][13]
  • Achieved 120 invention and remaxed with 1 Defence on 5/26/16.[14]


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