MVP Vincent
MVP Vincent.png
Total level 2014
Combat level 168
Started playing 2006
Achievements Multiple 99s
Clan Ire of Phyrrys
MVP vincent.png

MVP Vincent is an experienced RuneScape player that started playing RuneScape in 2006. Vincent's first clan was r0ad t0 max which existed in 2011. His favourite skill is Dungeoneering. In January 2013 Vincent achieves his first 99 (Cooking), this causing chain reaction making him achieve other 99's such as: Prayer, Thieving, Strength and Dungeoneering. All of this in 1 year of time. Vincent is friends with Djeimax.

Vincent is also very experienced with Quests having 326 Quest points.

Before the EoC update Vincent used to PK oftenly, but after the update he lost all interest in it. As far as PvP is concerned he doesn't support it much either, thus Vincent is a very good PvM-er. Quote: "PvM right now is better."

Vincents main goal is to get a Max Cape and complete all quests and tasks.

Ire of Phyrrys

On 10th of September 2013 Vincent pm's a player called Emdac and he wishes to join him in founding a social clan called "Ire of Phyrrys," together with Elsss and Jiya Mehra. On 11th of September Elsss decides to quit on founding the clan and switch to a different one. MVP Vincent remaining as a candidate. On 12th of September the clan is formed with the following players: Emdac, Jiya Mehra, Haaveilla and Aphr0disiac (including Vincent himself). Over the night and 13th of September Vincent recruits 4 people gaining the clans total number of 17. Vincent plans to grow the clan bigger in the future.

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