Has been one of the Top 10 players on the overall hiscores.

2nd player to hit 1400 skill total in late 2002

Been in top 10 in firemaking, woodcutting, smithing, mining and magic

One of early competitors to Bluerose13x in smithing, 2nd player to smith adamant. Quit active playing in late 2003. Final RSC combat level is 107.

One of first players to being punished for macroing and was sent to blackhole by Moderator in May 2001. Managed to escape from blackhole within few hours by finding way to suicide and respawn in lumby. Later when Andrew Gower heard this, he was decided to let him stay free and continue playing. He was around 40 combat at that time.

Has been married in runescape 14 February 2002 which was one of those rare events when Paul Gower performed it as Priest and used mod powers to teleport group of friends to quiet chapel out from crowd to perform ceremony.

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