Maccidii greeting the paparazzi

Maccidii is a RuneScape player which began early 2012 (precisely when is not known). The player is from North-East England. His favourite RuneScape Worlds are World 11 (Members) and World 23 (Non-Members) although he seems unbothered on which World he is on.


Maccidii is well known for pranking many players throughout worlds. His most famous stunts are:

Whilst Woodcutting in Draynor, a player claimed that the Willow tree Maccidii was woodcutting was his tree, expecting to troll him. However, Maccidii soon turned thing round using his skills as a notorious pranker and eventually caused the player to claim he was quitting. The player has made no Runescape appearance since.

Once again, Maccidii was training his Woodcutting and Firemaking skills in the Daemonheim Woodcutting island dungeon. A gulliable player was bragging about his skills. Unfortunately for him, it was in the presence of Maccidii; Runescape's finest pranker! Maccidii decided to prank him by claiming in these words 'My Firemaking Level is 666 the number of the Beast'. The player believed Maccidii was being serious and became enraged, before departing to another place of the world.

Current Goals

Maccidii's current goals through Runescape are to:

Reach a total of 99 Cooking.

Have all skills above 40.

Acquire a total level of 1500.

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