Madgamer2 started playing Runescape in October 2003. Considering he has featured on the first page of the Runescape Hiscores and was one of the top 10 players for so long, Madgamer2 has enjoyed a fairly low profile compared to other highly ranked players of his era.

Madgamer2 when he was rank 1 in the hiscores

Madgamer2 was the 9th player to max overall level at 2277 (First Australian to max) and has been ranked as highly as rank 4 in terms of overall exp. The highest rank Madgamer2 has ever achieved was rank 1 which he achieved the day summoning was released where he logged out quickly get to level 2278. (Screenshot attached). His overall level now is 2496 and he is still ranked in the top 70 players in the overall hiscores..

Madgamer2 is still an active Runescape player who has a trimmed completionist cape, he first achieved all requirements to wear the trimmed cape on the 9th of August 2012.

So far, Madgamer2 has 5 200m exp skills. They are (in order): Thieving, Cooking, Woodcutting, Dungeoneering and Firemaking. As at 30th of September 2012, Mad has been working on Fletching.

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