Magechickrox is a Runescape player best known for being a mage pure during 2007. She was an active pker before the removal of the wilderness. After December of 2007, she stopped playing as much.

In terms of appearance, she had long blue hair. She wore a blue cutoff shirt and yellow pants.


Magechickrox was created in late 2006. She was created for the purpose of solely training magic and pking in the wilderness. After training in Lumbridge for a while and gathering enough resources, she started going to the wilderness to begin her pking adventure. Magechickrox had moderate success pking but she died often because of her bad internet connection. One time she was in the wilderness and her computer shut off and she logged back on to find out she had died and lost all of her items, and she quit for a week. 

She continued to pk all through 2007 and was used as a secondary account. The highest magic level she ever reached was in the lower 30s. In late 2007, she would often attend wars on weekends with clans such as I pink war u, mag3 0f strz, and other frequent warrers. Due to her lack of experience in warring, she would usually die early in wars. However, they were still fun. 

After the wilderness was removed in 2007, her account was rarely used because it was no longer of use.

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