Magic Puer was a YouTube video maker between 2007 to 2011. He is most famous for his 105 billion bank video, making him one of the richest active players at the time. His YouTube channel was MrVidder until he shut it down in late 2011 for unknown reasons.

Other account

His other account was his skiller account named Sorro. He is known on that account for making 5 billion GP from the climbing boots update on 24 June 2010. It is unknown how he got this many Climbing Boots before the update, but some say this was leaked before the update came out, as a famous player from the then-merchanting clan Smokin Mils made over 10 billion from the update. Sorro is also known for being one of the first players to feed their troll a partyhat on RuneScape, as shown on the video.

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