Magician Gal
Total level 1392
Combat level 90
Nationality British
Achievements 99 Cooking
Known for PKing

Magician Gal, known outside of RuneScape as Saint Andrew, is known to be one of the only few Ranged-Tanks in Old School after their unpopularity with most PKers.

Three weeks after the release of Old School, Magician Gal became one of the first people to achieve 99 Cooking and wear an untrimed Accomplishment Cape. As of September 2013, she is ranked #689 in the skill.

Playing technique

Magician Gal is an active Solo PKer in world #2. She normally uses Full Void (Ranged) with a Karils Crossbow due to her high Defence and low Combat. Keeping combat at the lowest for a Ranged-Tank she follows the 148 melee combined format for no combat gains.

Notable Stats:

  • 70 Attack
  • 70 Strength
  • 71 Defence
  • 90 Ranged
  • 94 Magic
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