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Combat level 5
Other names Pure Kq Pax
Known for lvl 4/5 skiller

Magnus (formerly known as Pure Kq Pax) is the first level 4 skiller in RuneScape who has reached level 99 in every single non-combat stat and 120 Dungeoneering, giving him a total level of 1908.[citation needed] He is a Danish player, he is 22 years old and attended college for an engineering major. He also has a semi-popular YouTube channel. He most recently achieved 120 Dungeoneering and has achieved Player Moderator status as a level 4 skiller.

On 23 February 2011, Magnus reached 200 million XP in the Cooking skill, and not too long after that he also achieved 200 milion XP in Dungeoneering.

After the Evolution of Combat update on November 20, 2012, Magnus decided to start training Constitution and Prayer since these skills don't affect a player's combat level anymore. He has now achieved level 99 in both.

A recent incident via the first World Event caused Magnus to level 2 magic, making him combat level 5. Magnus contacted Jagex and requested that his magic level be reset to 1. He has been sent a message by Jagex stating that they will not reset his magic level to 1 again. The level 4 skiller community fully supports Jagex in their stance by refusing Magnus this request.

He was one of the most hard working skillers in all of RuneScape along with Summaque. However, Magnus is no longer a level 4 skiller since he has raised his combat level to cb 5. He is no longer considered the top level 4 skiller because of this.  

As of September 13, 2013 Magnus has decided to quit Runescape (again). 



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