Mamoe369 is a RuneScape player who is a clan wars leader. He is best known for his clan which is seen advertising at clan wars throughout the years. Some of his old rivals include, Armory, Alohaairways, and Fir3 note. Mamoe369 is believed to be one of the oldest clan wars leaders since he has done clan wars for years.

Back in 2012 on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays, he could be seen advertising his clan for playoffs against other clans. Against Armory, he has gotten three wars that have been at least 80 vs 80. Two of them were nearly 100 vs 100 back in February and November of 2012. 

Mamoe369 is believed to be one of the first leaders of world 50 and is a official member of the World 50 Pride. There is also a fact that Mamoe369 is one of the longest playing RuneScape clan wars leaders to have done clan wars for the longest period of time. His record still stands having done World 50 clan wars for 4 years and 6 months straight.Mamoe369 is famous for hosting 100vs100 playoffs in clan wars. These wars kept clan wars alive Pre-Eoc. Do to his great leadership skills, and large clan size, he is well-known among other clan war leaders

Stat wise, he is level 99 magic and level 99 cooking of which he achieved on June 12 2012 , 

Due to the removal of World 50 the World 50 Pride has fallen


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