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{{Infobox Player
{{Infobox Player
|image =
|image =
|level = 111 (As of 6/6/10)
|level = 136 (As of 2020 MAR 21)
|nationality = American
|nationality = American
|notablefeatures = Energetic and Humorous attitude
|notablefeatures =
|start = November 2001
|start = November 2001
|end = Currently Active}}
'''Maroone9''' is a currently active, Florida-born ''Runescape'' player. (Debut: November 2001. Age 7). He currently resides in Central Florida.
'''Maroone9''' is a currently active, Florida-born ''Runescape'' player. Debuted from Coral Springs, FL. Inspired to play Runescape by his brother, (Blade125) and his friend, (Sephiroth).
==Noted Events==
* Returned from hiatus between 2012-2018 and again in 2019 after a tour to Afghanistan.
* 'Constantly Lazy' stated in Examine (as of 2020 March 21st)
Maroone9, aka Mike in Real-life, is very humble about his gameplay, though he isn't really well known in the world of Runescape. It doesn't matter weather your Level 3 or Level 138, he will tend to befriend you in any way. He tends to be one of "The Jokers of Runescape", due to his overwhelmingly humorous and abnormal personality. No matter the situation, he remains humorous and estatic. He will tend to wear his original armor and weapons (Helm of Nezitnot, Penance Torso, Dragon Plate Legs, Dragon Boots, Barrows Gloves, Amulet of Glory, "Obby" Cape, and his weapon of choice, the Abyssal Whip [Though at times, The Barrelchest Anchor])
[[File:001-ClassicMaroone.jpg|thumb|300px|Maroone9 RS Classic]]
His abnormal and humorous attitude makes him basically easy to befriend. Though no matter how serious the situation is, he tends to get a laugh from it at times.
He also helps out unexperienced, down-on-their-luck new guys/girls by donating a portion of his riches.
==Runescape career==
He was inspired by his brother (Blade 125) and his brother's best friend (Sepioroth). At age 7, He began to join the craze that went on around his neighborhood. "Maroone9" is based off the name of the Maroone Car Dealership his father use to work at. Maroone9 was created November 2001. Young Mike played day and night, gaining more knowledge of Runescape and gameplay. Over the years, he developed a strong bond with the game, playing Runescape most of the time of day. He would even sometimes pretend to be sick to stay home from Elementary school to play Runescape. Mike became obsessed with Runescape, until his Hiatus on May 2003.
==<nowiki/>==[[Category:American Players]]
{{cquote|..EVERYONE in my neighborhood played Runescape. The graphics were...crap... at the time, but it was so ADDICTING! It was scary, but eh...|Maroone9 (His bond with Runescape)}}
[[File:001-ClassicMaroone.jpg|thumb|300px|Maroone9 in RSC 2010 "Awesome, he's still alive!"]]
After being unexperienced in "The Wild" (Wilderness) and being scammed multiple times, He decided to take a break from the game, losing most of his love for the game. It wasn't until March 2004 that he returned with confidence and continued to explore the new Runescape 2 world. His brother quit playing in 2003, giving his account away. However, Sepioroth stuck by his side and were two companions that helped each other out, as well as completed quest. Along with 0Hott_Girl0, the trio hung together on Runescape over the years when Mike was age 12. Sepioroth went Semi-Retired in 2009 and so did Maroone9. Though on November 2009, Maroone9 returned (To celebrate the 8th anniversary of his account) and continued playing ever since. He first became a member in July 2004 after being impressed with the sudden graphic changes to Runescape, being apparently better than Runescape Classic.
{{cquote|...I was a sore loser. People who scammed me a lot, just...really got to me when I was little. hahaha|Maroone9 (2008. Commenting on his Hiatus)}}
Maroone9 (Mike) current still plays Runescape and is an active member as well. He is planning to go for 99 strength and 99 Attack as well. He also plans to save up for a Godsword and Bandos Armor.
Maroone9 is also working his way to fame as well, as a "Vigilante Player", except keeping within the Jagex Rules. Maroone9 can be usually found on his favorite worlds. (Mostly World 6 or 144. But, usually he wil play Pest Control and Castle Wars. Otherwise, you can find him on under populated worlds if he is training.) He is currently working on his road to fame, finishing quests, becoming Level 138, and making videos, though his path to fame has a long journey to go. "Keep your eyes open hahaha"
{{cquote|...Runescape has a piece of my heart. I basically grew up with it, like a very old friend. Everyone has a little gamer in them. I feel like Maroone9 and I are a great team, as well as my friends who supported me along the way. Maroone9 lives to play in the world of Runescape...He counts on me to make it happen! hahaha!|Maroone9 (Feb 1st, 2010. Character)}}
==Alter Egos==
Maroone9 is Mike's first character created on Runescape, however many other accounts followed. Though most of these accounts no longer exist since the RS2 event, however the 2nd oldest account to survive (Or come to his memory) is Speeddeamon2. Around 2006-2008, Flameawk was created. He is currently Maroone9's 2nd strongest character in training. Speeddeamon2, however, isn't used for much anymore in the meantime. Some of the RSC accounts that were created by Maroone9 were TheKingofHans and Hydrogenic2 (Hydrogenic1 created by his brother). He created more, but lost memory of the names.
==Role Models==
{{cquote|..When I was little, I looked up to Zezima and The Old Nite. Especially The Old Nite! Hahaha! I have heard so much about The Old Nite, though I wish I could have got to meet him. It would have been an honor. I would always call him "The Virtual Angel". He sure sounded like he had a personality of an angel! I really looked up to him. I wanted to be just like him when I was little. When he past, it struck me deeply, but it inspired me to keep playing on. No matter what, He will always be a role model to me.|Maroone9 (On The Old Nite)}}
Maroone9 looked up to Zezima and The Old Nite. He would log on and train hard to try and catch up with Zezima when he was younger. He later heard of The Old Nite and his heart being "as pure as an angel" one would say. He would also look up to his brother, Blade125. He was a much higher level than Maroone9 was at the time. He eventually caught up to his brother and surpassed him and his friend, Sepioroth. His main goal was to reach Level 100. Maroone9 has finally reached that goal around 2008. He also looked up to "The Great" Andrew G., the creator of Runescape.
Maroone9 will continue to play on as long as Runescape still exists.
==Noted Comments==
{{cquote|It's a long road to fame, I realize this. Though it has its pros and cons. Just look at Zezima! Being followed by bombarding fans and haters, everywhere you go. You'll see Player Mods trying to control the crowd. Personally, I have been monitoring Zezima's progress over the years and he is quite impressive. When Farming came out, I was farming on that weird "holy island" where you couldn't take evil weapons and stuff...anyways, I was just farming my jute and there appears Zezima. I felt like a fan girl screaming for Drake the rapper. Hahaha, but I kept my cool. I didn't say much (or anything at all). He was just an average joe basically. Not much of a talker, but being followed by crazy fans can do that to you. hahahaha. Though, our paths seem to cross a lot more often over the years, like ships in the night. Zezima is in college and..from what Iv'e heard..he is married. Seems like a happy and care-free life to me, so why would people say he doesn't have a life? High stats?...Please. I think it's a very strong love for the game of Runescape.|Maroone9 (Road to Fame and Zezima)}}
[[Category:American Players]]
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[[Category:Male players]]

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Combat level 136 (As of 2020 MAR 21)
Nationality American
Started playing November 2001
Ended playing Currently Active

Maroone9 is a currently active, Florida-born Runescape player. Debuted from Coral Springs, FL. Inspired to play Runescape by his brother, (Blade125) and his friend, (Sephiroth).

Noted Events

  • Returned from hiatus between 2012-2018 and again in 2019 after a tour to Afghanistan.
  • 'Constantly Lazy' stated in Examine (as of 2020 March 21st)

Maroone9 RS Classic


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