Mati, formerly known as Mati 231 is a Dutch Castle wars player from Belgium. He has also been known under other nicknames and display names including, but not limited to, Ffs Mati, I Zgs Cades, Mathias, Mathias Kristolvski, Murtin, Pink Mati, and Season Fries. You can easily tell Mati apart from the crowd due to his wild spikes blue hair that very few people use. He also can be seen strutting his silly jester hat on most occasions. He was inspired to complete the game by one of the top players, "Pro_Unlucker."

He is most known for his activity in the minigame Castle Wars. He played many Castle Wars games, majority of them being in world 24, a Castle Wars themed world. He has mastered many of the activity's tactics. He currently has full Profound armour, the highest leveled castle wars armour in the game. He is a well known castle wars professional and has befriended some of the most famous of castle wars players. He has over 5,000 Castle wars games which is the requirement for the trimmed version of the completionist cape.

Mati retired from Castle Wars soon after EoC came out.  He came back to finish his 5,000 games to get the Castle wars Professional cape soon after, but the game was never the same to him and he has since quit playing the minigame. He believes one of the reasons Castle Wars is dead is due to the barricades being broken. 

He fills his time with skilling and bossing now. He maxed in the beginning of 2015 when he also received the Completionist cape. He is currently owns the trimmed completionist cape as of May 30, 2015.


Sometimes he complains about how unlucky he is, but he is actually pretty lucky. He has the rare Penny pet that is dropped from the Shadow creatures in the Amlodd region. He has the Cresbot pet with only about 500 kills. On his very first kill of Vorago he got a Seismic wand drop split. He also has a Bandos boss pet with only about 300 Grardor kills. He also got most of his champion scrolls in a fair amount of time. He got 4 different champion scrolls in a single day as well as his Hobgoblin champion scroll after only 50 kills of Hobgoblins. A sample of some of his good luck can be seen in the image that displays some of his adventure log information. It shows how much luck he gets in a short time.

Sometimes Mati's friends tease him about his luck because he constantly claims he is unlucky, but then he gets a rare drop soon after his claim. This includes effigies, Kalgerion titles, the penny pet, champion scrolls, and other accomplishments by Mati described above.

In July 2015, Mati won a free leech to Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru. He got to go with some of the best PvMers in the game, including: Woox, iTrolledU (aka Kermit), Elle, Omid, and others.

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