Mavi is a runescape player that plays runescape. He was born on April 20th and will be turning 10 in 2015. Mavi is famous for getting 1 hit at about every boss including giant mole. He has had a 10min+ qbd kill which officially confirms that he is on of a few people that reached that time. . Mavi knows people such as ShySteph which is a hash1 runescape player.

Mavi has had a mullet in 2015 which everybody has made fun of him for.He also has an average of 13 friends but is at a record high with 20. Mavi is lonely, if you ever see him you should say hi.

Mavis' total level is 2118 on 3-7-2015 2:46pm est. His divination level is his lowest at 13.He wants to reach 200mil xp in div one day. He is 199,998,054 xp away.

The first 99 that Mavi has received was 99 magic about two years after he started playing runescape.

Mavis' current goals include:Meeting famous players: Zezima,Vodka5,Skychi, Andrew and Paul Gower,Mod Mark and more.

Mavis' current people he met: Shysteph, Drumgun, SUOMI, Mod Maz, Segers, McJanglez, Crougz and ItrolledU.

Mavi wants to always add onto the list as he screenshots all of the meets.

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