Mazda 929
Combat level 4 (as of EoC)
Nationality Icelandic
Started playing 2009
Ended playing 2012
Known for Not much

Mazda 929 was a skiller made back in 2009, She got 3-4 skills up to 20 which were, Cooking, Fishing and Woodcutting before giving up.

In early 2012 her character was stuck in a stall in Varrock Jagex placed, but was removed from there one day when she logged in.

She has always had the same appearance since 2009 which she copied from another skiller character. The person she copied is long gone and unknown as of November 2012.

She has the discontinued training bow which she can thank the player she copied of. Because it was thanks to her she bought the training bow in the first place.

Mazda 929 is the original name and would be considered rare today. She was going to get Mazda 323, but it was taken already and inactive, so she had to take Mazda 929 instead, which she liked a lot.

Mazda 929 is a retired character as of August 2012.

It is ironic to note that although she has the name "Mazda 929", She doesn't own a 929! She owns a 1987 Mazda 626  and is really proud of it, it's her baby.

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