Md3w was a RuneScape  merchant who got banned for real world trading sometime on June 17th.[1] He was known for owning 20+ Christmas crackers and trading blue partyhats. He stated on his YouTube channel(TheRsDew) that he had lost interest in the game, and wanted to quit without leaving his items to 'rot' in his bank. He also had some close friends who he mentioned in his final YouTube message: dudst3r, king flipper, i harv i, kasiakasltv, red boater, bigbad brat, scouser275, trumpf, zackary, xaviersavier, and aeros.[1] On December 13th, 2013 Md3w uploaded a five part flipping log from his last year on runescape. It can be found here on his YouTube channel. King Flipper was named by Md3w as "soon to be best merchant" as the competition between these 2 merchants was at an elite level. 


Md3w 's History Part 1

Some say that Md3w made a reappearence on the new Runescape 2007 servers, and began to merchant gold once again.



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