Combat level 74 (as of 29/5/09)
Started playing Early December '08 on this account, others as early as mid-2006.
Known for Nothing

Mechanicai is a player owned by the Wikia account of the same name. His owner lives in Filey, United Kingdom. He also has a YouTube account, named OfficialHayes.

Mechanicai started playing on this account early December 2008. There have been many other accounts Mech has used, some being called, one being Zammyskilla. Mechanicai has probably been the most successful account, he has two 99's (Strength & Fletching), while the other accounts he had had highest levels in the 40s or 50s. Currently, Mechanicai attempted to create a skilling clan called The Art of Skilling (TAOS for short), with friends 1nterogater and Sk1llerfish, but sadly didn't follow through.