Meldar667, later known as Esmu, NullCoding, Goat Failure, and now as 644, is a veteran RuneScape player who is famous for his contributions to the official RuneScape Forums and for being a dual-mod (those with both player- and forum-moderator status simultaneously) at a time when there were fewer than twenty such players. It is also true that he was a forum moderator from June to August 2008 while also being a freeplayer, in the time when the forums were only open to paying members.

He is also known as Jaska. Presently, he leads a casual skilling clan composed primarily of his friends and generally maintains a low profile, having stopped frequenting the official Forums several years ago. He is no longer a moderator, which he attributes primarily to his inactivity in recent years.


Jaska began playing RuneScape in August of 2004, and made his "Meldar667" account that December. He started playing because a group of his school friends introduced him to the game, but they had all quit by mid-2005. He was a mediocre player, for the most part, until he began training woodcutting and became a paying member in the summer of 2006 in order to chop magic logs for money.

In the fall of 2006, he began posting on the official RuneScape Forums, and in January of 2007 made a thread in the Tech Support forum called "Macintosh Help Guide" which lasted for nearly three years and accumulated 2000 posts (the maximum possible at that time). He was a powerful presence in the Tech Support and General forums. In June of 2008, he was made a forum moderator along with nearly forty others in the first mass "recruitment" done by JaGEx for forum moderators in several years. He was a player moderator from October 2009 to March 2012. Since early 2007, he has run a small skilling clan called "Venom Skillers" that claims to be among the oldest in the game[1], although the clan does not have a citadel and maintains that it exists "for fun".

His display name has changed multiple times, most recently to "644." As of 2 March 2015, 644 has a total level of 2401, with 9 skills at level 99. He can usually be found on world 30 in RS3, and frequently helps in the "Vis Wax Fc" friends' chat channel. Additionally, he has spoken highly of Ironman mode, and frequently plays OldSchool RuneScape.


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