Mental Wyro
A Flop at the Olympics
Total level 2002
Combat level 112
Nationality Canadian/American
Started playing October 27th, 2007
Influences Gizzy Gazza, Excl, Nightmarerh, Tehnoobshow, GC20Amber
Known for YouTube videos
Clan Green Brotherhood

Mental Wyro

Mental Wyro is a Shadow Mod and RuneScape videomaker who makes comedy videos, machinimas and vlogs. He has just over shy of 300 subscribers. His current outfit consists of Wushanko's Top and Bottoms, Skoll Amulet, Elemental Gloves and Boots, Woodcutting Cape, and of course, his iconic, green, Fremennik Hat.

His common catchphrases include "Stay Classy," and "Digg out," and calls his audience his "Awesome Sauces". He's arather strange, but funny individual who has a clan called "Green Brotherhood". The clan has been featured in his numerous videos since 2008, and are hired out as background actors and stunt doubles in various videos. The Green Brotherhood has worked with Chiszle, NightmareRH, Gizzy Gazza, Excl,  Bumbum007, SwatJustinX, Will Miss It, Wizif, C0PPERCAB, and many more.

The Rise and Fall of The Green Brotherhood

Back in 2008 when Mental Wyro first obtained Membership, Mental Wyro had discovered a clan called The "Green Brotherhood". They were a clan that was dedicated to wearing fremmy, owned by Tocrato and Sphinx Atlas. Both players were very dedicated to the clan, and had a group of around 50 people. Their captain, Luneth, was also looking after the clan. The clan really lacked direction, and both Sphinx Atlas and Tocrato had no idea what to do with them all.

One day, when Luneth was with them, Mental Wyro and Sphinx Atlas stumbled upon a guy that was in a yellow shirt, green pants, and bald saying repeatedly, "Follow to be on YouTube". Mental Wyro and Luneth both thought he was a scammer, but as it turns out, it was TehNoobShow, wandering about RuneScape. They looked at the clan, days later after the event, and proposed the idea to the clan...

"What if there was a clan, dedicated to background acting in people's videos?

What if there was one day, that renowned RuneScape Videomakers wouldn't have to look for random people by shouting for them to follow to be on YouTube?"

From that point forward, the clan rebuilt itself on the ideal that one day, that they could be a help to videomakers everywhere, big or small. They also wanted to create opportunities to smaller videomakers that one day could become so much more get their voices out there to the larger video-making communities. However, Sphinx Atlas and . Yet, Luneth and Mental Wyro had been videomaking in real life. Luneth did it as a hobby, while Mental Wyro had just finished graduating with a certificate of 1,200 hours of Theater, Digital Media, and acting. Mental Wyro decided he would host the channels and edit the videos, while Luneth did all the recording. From that moment forward, the Fremennik Hat had then became iconic because of those two.

Mental Wyro's clan, The "Green Brotherhood".

One day in September of 2009, however, Sphinx Atlas had very bad news for the clan. He found out in real life, he had cancer, and that it was terminal. He would have to step down. Luneth quit Runescape, and Tocrato was nowhere to be found after not logging back in after December of 2008. Sphinx had decided that since Mental Wyro had done so much efforts in videomaking, that he would be the one to take over the clan. Sphinx Atlas' last log in, on October of 2009, was of his mother, confirming his death to Mental Wyro.

The clan disagreed that Mental Wyro should be the one to take over, and only 6 clanmates agreed to this proposition. Some didn't even believe that Sphinx Atlas was dead, that it was all a hoax. The argument raged on for 2 days straight until 48 of the clanmates decided to leave to make their own clan, and only the 6 in favor of Mental Wyro, stayed.

Mental Wyro then had a lot of work to do to rebuild the clan back at it's foundations again. He had no experience to handle a clan, so he also had to jump into leadership roots fast. Between him, and the 6 others, Arian Spongy, ChaosRed, Dinodon, Jdezy, TaSamWolf, and DoctorBlue, they needed to put their talents together and make their test in

Eventually, Tocrato logged back in as of December of 2009, and unbeknownst to that Mental Wyro was now the clan leader, told him he was quitting RuneScape. Mental Wyro briefly inform Tocrato that the clan was now his, and Tocrato gave him his blessings, and requested that one day, the clan would return back to him. Mental Wyro agreed without hesitation.

The clan soon became rebuild structured as a background acting agency, where the clanmates would be interns to the videomakers, where videomakers such as Gizzy Gazza, SkyTheKid, or Excl could call upon a large group of actors, and where they would simply fill in for them as "professionally" as possible (despite some flaws going along the way).

In January of 2013, However, Mental Wyro was contemplating on retiring from both videomaking and running the clan, The Green Brotherhood. However, with so few RS Videomakers still working and in business as of 2013, Mental Wyro decided to stick around for videomaking, and stay as the community's voice. However, at the timing, he confirmed with uncertainty that he was ready to retire around March 30th, 2013 from The Green Brotherhood.

However, the new clan heir, Lgnd of Zlda, wasn't fully trained, and Mental Wyro didn't have as much time as he needed to properly train Lgnd of Zlda. Mental Wyro made an agreement on March 28th that he'd stay around for another few months until Lgnd of Zlda was properly trained to handle the clan responsibilities. The Green Brotherhood's high ranks, Kdy Asslt and The Flavs, where not impressed, and wanted him to keep to his word.

On April 20th of 2013, Mental Wyro summoned a meeting for The Green Brotherhood. During the meeting, one of the topics was that Mental Wyro was to step down from the leader of The Green Brotherhood, while the other one was that Kdy Asslt was possibly trying to overthrow the clan. After a long deliberation, The clan decided to make a vote. 17 clanmembers were presentably availible at the meeting, and 16 out of the 17 voted for Mental Wyro to step down, or they would leave the clan. Mental Wyro was the only one who voted to stay around. Knowing that the founder would want to keep the clan alive, and never let it fall, Mental Wyro reluctantly accepted being voted out, and then was kicked out. He departed The Green Brotherhood at 7pm that evening, and gave ownership to Lgnd of Zlda.

Mental Wyro eventually found the founder of the clan, Tocrato in January of 2014. Tocrato was interested in returning back into The Green Brotherhood and taking back his clan, but however, the clan did not honor their arrangement to return the clan back to him. After a long 3 months, the clan finally broke apart, and technically, no longer exists. There are now other clans that follow the same name, but are not official, or falsely claim and represent the name The Green Brotherhood.

The Rise of Hyperion, and the Return of The Green Brotherhood

 For a while, Mental Wyro was without a clan. However, in the months since, Mental Wyro and Tocrato have re-assembled the true remaining Green Brotherhood members, and have created a new clan called "Hyperion". This clan truly invisions what Tocrato would've had assembled for a clan far before Mental Wyro came into play. It's a realitively small clan with no requirements to join in... but ultimately, nothing really happened with the clan.

Then, in April of 2015, Lgnd of Zlda and Michkalv, had been keeping the clan alive in-secret. Mental Wyro had been approached by both of them for him to take back the clan, and bring the life back into it. Mental Wyro, very reluctant to resume the clan's responsibilities, was going to shoot down the offer. However, remembering it was the 7th year anniversary of the clan's existence, decided it might not be the best idea to destroy it.

As of May 2nd, 2015, Mental Wyro had brought The Green Brotherhood back to life, and are now rebuilding themselves again.

Origin of his Username

Mental Wyro in 2007 Servers.

He got his username from combining the simpliest way to describe himself, Mental, from the crazy, energetic, fun, warmloving, side of him, while also describing his Autism, Asperger's and other disabilities. Wyro, is a very cryptic discombobulation of is in real life last name.[citation needed]

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