Merch Gwyar is a British RuneScape blogger. She wrote daily blogs from April 2007 until 2012.  Her open disdain for micro-transactions in the game made her back away from it. She still occasionally writes a blog though, so she can't be considered entirely inactive. As of February 2013, she as been playing Old School RuneScape and has regularly been seen in her friends' chat. 

Merch Gwyar's Blog: The Diary of a Random Adventurer

Merch Gwyar writes on Sal's Realm of Runescape.  The Diary of a Random Adventurer chronicled her daily gameplay like chapters in a story. It was this style which was parodied, including on Sal's own Wiki.

In April 2012, she had every skill over level 90.  She has never gained a 99, despite a total level of 2304.  She does have a quest cape.

In February 2013, her blogs on Sal's Realm began to tell stories within Old School Runescape instead.

Merch Gwyar at Jagex Studios

In April 2012, at the height of the protests against micro-transactions, Jagex stunned the whole Runescape blogging community by inviting Merch Gwyar to visit their offices in Cambridge, England. At that point, she had been their fiercest critic over the inclusion of features like Squeal of Fortune.

She wrote about the episode in both her own blog and on Wizzley.

  1. I'm Going to Jagex on Friday (April 21st 2012)
  2. Cambridge Trip Pre-Jagex (April 27th 2012)
  3. Answers to Questions Asked of Jagex by Slammers (April 27th 2012)
  4. No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip (May 10th 2012)
  5. Here There Be Dragons: My Afternoon at Jagex Studios (May 10th 2012)

Merch Gwyar openly stated that she'd signed a Non-disclosure Agreement with Jagex, which meant that the company could request changes of her blogs about the visit.  The latter three all came under that agreement. 

It took nearly two weeks for Jagex to agree to the two resulting blog entries, so it can only be guessed at what Merch Gwyar wrote to cause such delays.  But the published blogs were largely supportive of the work in Jagex's Player Support Department.

She continued to be critical of micro-transactions in future blog entries, while also giving credit where it was due. 

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