Total level 1807
Combat level 183
Started playing January 2001
Known for First Merch clan

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Merchers is a player who is regarded by some as the creator of merch clans and the most successful mercher of all time who came up with the whole item manipulation scheme. He was also the most wealthy player on RuneScape in 2008(65 billion).[1]

Early Life

Merchers began playing RuneScape in January 2001,  His extensive knowledge of the market was to come in handy in the first drop of 'rare items' on Halloween 2001 collecting 5 pumpkins that year. Many people ate these but he held on to them making a fortune when he sold them in 2005.

When RuneScape 2 was released merchers began to focus less on the player killing side of the game and more on skills. Merchers reached a respectable level in many skills over a two year period until 2006 when he stopped playing the game. He returned in the middle of 2007, he quickly became once again a determined player rising more skill levels and reaching his aim of 85 mining and 90 woodcutting and the combat level 110 in that same year.


In November 2007, within 2 days of the grand exchange update he released a new type of clan a "merch clan", which became one of the biggest clans on the subject in a short period.

In July 2008  Merchers was banned for real world trading. Merchers joined Smokin Mils late 2008 under the title Gamboza. The owner of Smokin Mils had worked as his head General in his clan (Mr J Rune ), Merchers was involved in the controversy over owners and high status Generals dumping stock early which lead to his leaving. 

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After this Merchers joined 2lum another successful merchanting clan of that period where he was made a general, 2lum was the most successful clan in 2009 in terms of percentage wealth increase, in part due to the experience of Merchers. He left by late 2009 due to his dwindling public image and joined Wefightge. By the time he left 2lum he had accumalated a wealth in excess of 300 million, his reason for leaving was to remove himself from the public eye and during this period he did very little at wefightge.

In March 2010 he joined getyoucash as a new account Mr A335,it was an already flourishing merch clan and he wanted to work alongside Promerching a successful clan leader at the time. During late 2010 early 2011 he was general at gp scout[2] and rulerofge before he made his own flipping clan. Merchers made gp mad[3] along with Sir Zeduke and Romano 390 in May 2011 in order to increase his public image, it was a successful clan and an adaption to the wilderness and free trade update , he left after 2 months however announcing it to his clan in the wilderness.

Merchers currently still plays and is looking to join a private merch clan[4], the reason for this is to remove himself from the criticism of a public merch clan.

Merchers Youtube Channel

Merchers during the period in which he was part of clans was asked to produce his own youtube channel, he puropsely delayed this as he did not feel he had the time to do it. However Merchers did feature in many videos in his clans youtube channel.

Once Merchers had retired from merchanting in late 2011 he decided he would produce his own youtube channel that would focus not just on merchanting put on one of his favoured pass time Pking. He named his channel RiskySharky  [5] a character he had created in 2009 as a pking pure. He used this channel to do pking videos and nex killing videos.

He begun the account in September 2011 and after a few popular videos he decided to show his Merchanting ability a series of 16 videos known as Nills to Bills showed him gaining a new account a billion using flipping and other merchanting technique's. This was a very popular series which pulled in 100's of thousands of views.

Merchers still playing


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