xxDark Horse (Previously known as Mikayla) is a RuneScape player who is a Clan Wars regular on world 3. He

Mikayla leading her former clan Our Pride

has 99 agility and often wears his untrimmed cape into battle. Even though he is a relatively low level, he often stays alive longer than most people on his team in clan wars. He is excellent at stealth and staying alive for a long time. These tangibles make him a great video maker as he rarely dies early and often survives to the top 8 on his team during big wars. Dark Horse is also a reliable binder and prefers to bind his opponents then let his teammates pile the victim.

However, he is a terrible 1 vs 1 fighter due to his low level, lack of gravite equipment, and limited knowledge of 1 vs 1 combat. His stats arne't that great either. When forced into a 1 vs 1 situation, he will almost always lose. And although not a terrible tanker, his tanking is not very good either.

As Mikayla, she was one of the first members of Our Pride and was responsible for managing the 2012 Jagex Clan Cup for her team. She was popular and well respected among Our Pride members and other Clan Wars regulars. She was known as Mikayla for 3 years until she changed her gender and name to Lol A Pic in March of 2013 and later to xxDark Horse in the Spring of 2014.

In terms of fighting style, xxDark Horse favorite class to use is magic and he occasionally uses melee as well. He likes to use bind spells and occasionally cast curse spells. He is always on the move and will run when too many white dots are around in an area and he will try to stay close to a cloud of purple dots. He prefers to use EOC as he thinks "The EOC has better defensive capabilities" but will occasionally use legacy as well. He knows how to scatter and shake off enemies when being attacked. 


Lol A Pic was created back in early 2007. The name was inspired by someone he saw in Runescape named Lol A Trout. Pic was originally a skiller account that would provide resources to the main account at the time which was Mcmary11. Lol A Pic rarely trained combat, and mostly trained non-combat skills and would then drop trade the resources to other accounts. 

Early Days As A Main

In March or April of 2007, Mcmary11 was permanantly banned and Lol A Pic was chosen to be the new main due to high non-combat skills. She started training her combat level, and kept improving her non-skilling levels as well. When Lol A Pic became a member in late 2007, she started training agility which quickly became her favorite skill. In December of 2007 when the wilderness was removed, Lol A Pic had thought about quitting. (he was an active pker on a couple of different accounts) However, he stayed, and continued to play Runescape. In mid 2007, Lol A Pic was perm muted by Jagex due to excessive amounts of offensive language and scamming reports. She was muted for 6-7 months until she was unmuted the day summoning came out. During 2007, she liked to host fake drop parties and simon says contests. She would gather a whole bunch of people and take them to dangerous places such as the varrock wizards, varrock sewers, and mudskipper point where many people would die. She also hosted Simon says competitions when the Party Room was moved to Falador. However, she would always rig it so that no one would win.  

2008 and 2009

2008 and 2009 was a character development year for Lol A Pic. She continued to do various activities around Runescape such as improve skills, train combat, complete quests, and hangout with friends. She also tried new skills out and raised their levels. She especially liked to train agility and had a very high agility level compared to her other stats. When soul wars was released, she went there often with her friends. Overall, the year 2009 helped Lol A Pic improve her character all-around. 


Sometime in 2010, she changed her name to Mikayla which was avaliable at the time. She started to focus more on pvp activities and less on skilling and quests (however she continued to train agility) In 2010, Mikayla would typically attend clan wars, own noobs at soul wars, go to 1-iteming worlds, rev hunt with friends, or train agility. In 1-iteming worlds, she often joined silthill clan who at the time, was the dominant 1-iteming clan on world 32. She also enjoyed going to the church deep in the wilderness to revenant hunt with randoms. She would often lead a group of players to the lava maze claiming there were more revenants there but it was also more dangerous so many players died while there. In October, she participated in the zombie J mod event which was a lot of fun. Overall 2010 was one of the best years for Mikayla.

2011 and 2012

In 2011 and 2012 after the wilderness came back, Mikayla mostly attended clan wars and continued to train agility. She also continued to train combat a little bit and got to level 83. (she rarely trained combat)  She started started to record clan wars fights in the summer of 2010 and putting her wars on Youtube. However, she didn't start regularly video making until the summer of 2011. As time went on, her clan wars skills continued to improve, and she proved to be a stealthy warrior who often would not die till the very end of battles. Mikayla was friends with many Clan Wars greats such Furious Swag , BFMV , Ciindi, and Holy Invoker. She was also one of the founding members of Our Pride and did not start getting active in the clan until 2012. And thanks to Mikayla, Our Pride was able to enter the 2012 Jagex Clan Cup and make it to the 2nd round. Sometime in July of 2012, Mikayla finally managed to achieve 99 agility after 6 long years of training. During the summer of 2012, Mikayla and her clan Our Pride did a lot of RCW's and Clan Wars activities. She became popular among Our Pride members such as xCaro, Baby Bubz, Redskull, Vjm, and many others. On November 17th of 2012, Mikayla participated in the 100 vs 100 players between Furious Swag and Darkpurple77. The battle was originally supposed to be Swag vs Armory but the latter didn't show up. Unfortunately, Mikayla could only stay for the 1st round as she had to go to work afterwards. However she video taped it and put it on youtube.  

November 2012 - Summer 2014

After the EOC was released in late 2012, Mikayla still went to clan wars but she noticed that clan wars wasn't as popular as it used to be. What makes matters worse, her clan Our Pride had broken up due to a mass kick by one of the top ranks and VJM quitting for a while. Also the Old School servers were released in February of 2013. Despite this, Mikayla continued to attend clan wars for a little while and still made Youtube videos. A couple of days after the Eoc was released, she was lured in the red portal by Southruler unaware that everywhere was now multi-combat. She died and lost her iconic saradomin platebody that was used in many videos and amulet of power of which she kept since 2007 but managed to recover her agility cape. After that incident, she didn't go to Clan Wars for all of January and instead used her secondary account Some Stat 99 to fight in battles. After a month of not fighting, Mikayla came back to Clan Wars and switched her combat class to a mage. It took her a while to get used to the EOC. During March of 2013, Mikayla changed her gender and name to Lol A Pic. This came as a shock to people who knew her as they always thought Mikayla was a girl irl.   In july of 2013 a couple of days before Runescape 3 was released, Lol A Pic quit Runescape for almoast 5 months. There was no single reason he quit Runescape but for multiple reasons. He quit Runescape because clan wars was dying, his clan switched to a skilling clan, the 2013 Jagex Clan Cup was delayed, RS3 was about to be released, and was just getting bored of the game. He started playing Runescape again on November 20th 2013. However the first time he logged in, he disliked Runescape 3's new controls claiming they were too complicated. He left for Old School Runescape as the purple portal in Runescape 3 was dead much to his dissapointment.

He played Old School Runescape for 8 months quickly training his combat level from level 13 to level 83 and raising his agility level to level 82. He enjoyed playing Castle Wars, training agility, and training on the rock crabs. He was constantly asking the OSRS team to release Clan Wars hoping that the purple portal would have an active playerbase. In early June, Clan Wars was polled with it passing and the FFA portal also passing. xxDark Horse went on the forums and warned those voting for the FFA portal that it would cause the purple portal to become dead just like it did in RS3; no one listened to him. On June 16th 2014, Clan Wars was finally released to OSRS. However, his prediction came true as the Purple Portal was active for only two days as the FFA portal quickly sucked up all of the playerbase. Later in the Summer, he wanted to compete in the 2014 Jagex Clan Cup for OSRS. He joined a clan called Coconut Unit and signed the clan up for the cup. However, Coconut Unit was not a PvP clan and banned xxDark Horse for signing the clan up without permission. In the middle of July, xxDark Horse went back to RS3 as legacy was just released and caused a surge of players to come back to Clan Wars and use the purple portal again. 

Back To Runescape 3 

on July 19th, xxDark Horse went back to Runescape 3 when an old friend messaged him about the purple portal being alive again because of the just released legacy combat. Later that day, he went to a playoffs between Shadow Light and M1 11 and recorded the war. He started playing Runescape 3 again and rejoined his clan Our Pride, as he had been kicked out at an unknown time. Legacy caused a surge of new players to come back which greatly benefited Clan Wars; The purple portal had become active again because of the update. 

During September, the 2014 Jagex Clan Cup was going on. He temporarily left Our Pride as they were not competing and joined Soulbane. Before the match, he trained magic raising his combat level from 94 to 100. In their first match on legacy, Soulbane was swept by Zer0 PvM best 2 out of 3. During the 1st round of EOC, Soulbane had to face Wicked Fury which was one of the best clans in the cup. Soulbane's leader Allonsy forfeited the match which xxDark Horse was upset about. He believed it was better to go down trying then to give up. After the Clan Cup was over, he left Soulbane and returned to Our Pride. 

xxDark Horse continued to use the purple portal at Clan Wars. Even after months of legacy being released, the purple portal was still active. Playoffs on the weekends were usually 30 vs 30 but big playoffs could reach 40 vs 40. His friends during this time who were also Clan Wars regulars were Carelesss, M1 11, and Armory. 

Other Accounts

Thoughout the years, xxDark Horse has created many accounts. (Many that he will never remember) He has had many secondary accounts throughout the years with the highest levelled ones being Girlzworth and Some Stat 99. Unfortunately he lost both of these accounts; one from being banned and the other for being hacked and locked. Mcmary11 was his original main but was perm banned in spring of 2007 and was later unbanned. Magechickrox, kinglordarch, and rs h0t angel were secondary accounts back in 2007 which were used for pking. Dummy11111 and Rest Feature are low level accounts used for advertising and other mischevious things. Bodyguard 1 and bodyguard 2 are level 50ish twin accounts who were created in early 2011 who can occasionally be seen at Clan Wars. 

Here is a list of known accounts by xxDark Horse.

  • Magechickrox (secondary account in 2007 for pking now a rarely used account)
  • Kinglordarch (secondary used in 2007 for pking - now an advertising account)
  • mob cody (banned for the name)
  • girlzworth (secondary account - banned for botting in summer of 2013)
  • some stat 99 (secondary account - hacked into and locked forever as a result October 2014)
  • dummy11111
  • rs h0t angel (also banned for the name. Hasn't been active since 2007)
  • rest feature
  • mcmary11 (original main of xxDark Horse)
  • mcmary13
  • king pooted
  • saint wilmur
  • bodyguard 1
  • bodyguard 2
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