Misaki, commonly known to world 28 as an elite player from the early stages of RuneScape was a wild, outgoing player who spent most of her time pking and hanging out in the Grand Exchange, making friends with everyone. She was particularly known for speaking her mind and telling Ghastlyjello to stop throwing chairs. She and Jimantha, known as Nerdgasm on Runescape, worked on skills in the Grand Exchange where they resided most of their time. She is most known for being one of the first few turmoil zerkers from the old school days who went on to max combat prior to the start of EoC.

Misaki's Legacy

Misaki went from being a maxed turmoil zerker to being a level 138 player. She was known for pking in pvp worlds as well as wilderness when it came back in 2011. Alongside being a well known pker, Misaki was head of a world 28 clan where the majority of the community resided. 

Misaki, World 28 Queen

Being a veteren, Misaki earned her high status as world 28's Queen B.

Sarah, Gabe, Leslie, Ally, Jim. World 28 2011

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